Rejuvenate Your Smile With Leestown Lexington Dentures

Today’s dentures can give you a set of beautiful replacement teeth and comfortably rebuild your smile. With advances in materials and manufacturing, you’ll enjoy a whole different experience than your grandfather did with his “false teeth.” The team at Beaumont Family Dentistry in Leestown Lexington can use dentures to help you:

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  • Eat a wider variety of delicious foods again.
  • Chew comfortably so your digestion is more complete.
  • Talk more plainly so that others can understand you.
  • Smile with more confidence in social and professional settings.

Call us today to schedule your consultation: 859-554-4049 for new patients, 859-368-8260 for existing patients. We’re located at 100 Trade St., Ste. 175 – just off Leestown Road near the Masterson Station area.

Enjoy a New Set of Teeth With Our Dentures Options

Whether you need just a few teeth replaced or you’re missing a whole mouth of teeth, Beaumont Family Dentistry can help. At your appointment, we’ll give you a complete exam and help you decide the right option for your situation. Dentures are one of our premier dental restorations, so we offer all these types of dentures to help you smile and eat comfortably again:

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  • Conventional Full DenturesThese classic dentures will replace a complete arch of teeth and give you a beautiful new smile.
  • Partial Dentures – We use partials when you have some healthy teeth remaining. Our partials will be more comfortable than other partial dentures you might have tried because they don’t use clasps to attach.
  • Implant-Retained Dentures – Your new dentures will secure to dental implants with a system of balls and snaps, giving them an even more stable and comfortable fit than conventional dentures.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures – Our dentist will attach your custom dentures to a bar that is anchored to your implants. These are our best-fitting and most comfortable dentures option because the bar transfers the force of biting and chewing to your jawbone, just like your natural teeth do.

Dentures from Beaumont Family Dentistry will give you back your beautiful smile. Call 859-554-4049 for new patients, 859-368-8260 for existing patients to schedule your appointment. Don’t put off enjoying all the benefits of new teeth!

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