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If you believe that root canals actually cause you more pain, don’t feel bad – many of our patients once believed the same thing. In reality, however, the opposite is true. A root canal procedure, especially from Beaumont Family Dentistry in Leestown Lexington, will:

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  • Stop the nagging pain from your diseased tooth and help you feel better soon.
  • Save your tooth from extraction in most cases.
  • Prepare your damaged tooth for restoration, such as with a CEREC same-day crown.
  • Make biting and chewing more comfortable so you enjoy eating again.
  • Help protect your healthy teeth and gums from damage.

You can even take your choice of sedation options to help you relax! Call us now at 859-554-4049 for new patients, or call at 859-368-8260 for existing patients – we’ll get you in for an emergency appointment the same day if at all possible. Our address is 100 Trade St., Ste. 175 – not far from the VA Medical Center on Leestown Road.

Seek Relief From Our Caring Team

For over three decades, Beaumont Family Dentistry has helped patients in the Bluegrass keep smiling. You can trust our team’s expertise when your smile is on the line. If your tooth is hurting, contact us as soon as possible for help. Whether you need root canal treatment or another kind of dental care, we’ll make sure you get the treatment you need.

If a root canal is the best way to treat your damaged tooth, your dentist will begin by making a small hole in the top of the tooth. Through it, we can access the inner portion of the tooth, known as the pulp. When tooth decay is left untreated, it can eventually reach the pulp and cause you a considerable amount of pain. A root canal is usually needed at this point.

We’ll gently remove the infected pulp with special tools, then apply an antibacterial medication to kill any remaining germs and help prevent reinfection. After shaping and repairing the chambers inside the tooth, we’ll seal them with a rubber-like material known as gutta-percha. Then your dentist will repair the top of the tooth using a composite resin material.

For a complete tooth restoration, you will want to cap your repaired tooth with a new crown. With the advanced technology of our in-house CEREC system, we can design and create your custom crown while you wait. You can repair and restore your tooth in only one visit!

Forget your misconceptions about root canals! Call us today at 859-554-4049 for new patients, or call at 859-368-8260 for existing patients to schedule your appointment.

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