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Beaumont Family Dentistry does an excellent job at taking care of patients. We have three locations and we’re getting ready to add a sixth doctor and so we’ve done a really good job at having different locations throughout the city so it’s convenient for people all over Lexington and outside of the county. Also, we’ve done a really good job at making sure we have office hours that are very convenient for patients. Some days our offices open at seven and other times our offices are open till seven. I think that’s something that patients have been really surprised to hear about is, you can come for a seven am cleaning, have your cleaning done and be at work and not have to take any time off or have a five o’clock cleaning so that you can come in at five o’clock after your work day is done and not have to take off work in order to have dental treatment done.

That’s definitely been something that patients have very much appreciated, not only the multiple office locations but also the office hours. I think in general along that same line of just taking care of patients, is I do feel like here our staff really care about the patients. I know that may seem a little cliché-ish but it’s really true. We have built a staff and Dr. [inaudible 00:01:16] has created an environment of, we are here to take care of the patients. You feel that, I think, as a patient, you definitely feel it as a staff member here. I do think we’ve done a good job as expressing to our patients and then providing that care to back that up that we really do want to take care of you.

Do you have a question or concern that we can help you with? Do you have some feedback for us you’d like to share? Or are you ready to make an appointment? Our staff offers top-notch dental and orthodontic care to each and every one of our patients. Below are some of the best ways to contact our office.

By Phone

The fastest way to contact one of our offices is by phone. Below are the numbers for each of our locations.

Beaumont Centre Circle Location
Existing Patients: 859-223-2120
New Patients: 859-554-1772

Leestown Location
Existing Patients: 859-368-8260
New Patients: 859-554-4049

Hamburg Location
Existing Patients: 859-687-0975
New Patients: 859-554-1612

TMJ And Sleep Dentistry Center of Central Kentucky, LLC

By Email

On each of our practice location pages, you can use the contact form to send us a message via email. After you click submit, a member of our team will respond as soon as possible.

By Visiting One of Our Convenient Locations

You can, of course, also visit one of our convenient Lexington, KY locations. To view each location’s office hours and address, visit their individual pages:

Beaumont Centre Circle Location
Leestown Location
Hamburg Location
TMJ And Sleep Dentistry Center of Central Kentucky, LLC

Beaumont 859-554-1772

3141 Beaumont Centre Circle, Suite 300, Lexington, KY 40513

Leestown 859-554-4049

100 Trade Street, Suite 175, Lexington, KY 40511

Hamburg 859-554-1612

2408 Sir Barton Way, Suite 225, Lexington, KY 40509

TMJ And Sleep Dentistry Center of Central Kentucky, LLC 859-721-2072

2408 Sir Barton Way, Suite 275, Lexington, KY 40513

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