Replace Missing Teeth With Dentures in Hamburg Lexington

Gaps in your teeth affect both the function and appearance of your smile. Living without teeth or with poor replacement teeth also brings many challenges into your daily life. Replacement teeth like dentures can erase these problems and restore function and beauty to your smile. Here are just a few things new dentures from Beaumont Family Dentistry can do for you:

Many different options for the best function and looks Read Transcript
  • Provide an affordable way to replace your missing teeth.
  • Give you a natural-looking, beautiful smile you’ll be proud to flash.
  • Give you better nutrition and more food options.
  • Restore confidence in your social and professional life.

When you visit our Hamburg Lexington dentist office, we’ll look at your problems and help you select the right option for your smile. Call us today at 859-554-1612 for new patients, or call at 859-687-0975 for existing patients.

A Better, Functional Smile Provides Confidence & Comfort

Whether you need to replace one tooth or all your teeth, you’ll find comfortable and beautiful dentures options at Beaumont Family Dentistry. The key to a great denture is the fit and appearance. It shouldn’t slide around, cause sores, or even feel foreign inside your mouth. Our office uses elite technology and state-of-the-art material to build natural-looking, snug replacement teeth. We’ll take our time during your fitting and provide detailed instructions for how to maintain your new set of teeth.

Stabilize Your Teeth With Implants

A common complaint of denture wearers is the lack of stability when eating. Many traditional types of dentures can move around in your mouth or simply not provide enough biting force. We can place dental implants to stabilize your teeth and give you biting power that nearly matches that of natural teeth. Take a look at some of the advantages implant dentures have compared to removable dentures:

  • Eat whatever you want again.
  • Eliminate the need for goopy adhesives.
  • Prevent jawbone loss, a consequence of losing natural teeth and wearing conventional dentures.
  • Look and feel like you have natural teeth.

Implant dentures are a larger investment than removable dentures, but they can give you the longest-lasting, most functional smile possible. Everyone has different smile goals, and when you visit Beaumont Family Dentistry, you’ll discover plenty of ways to restore your mouth and smile with confidence again.

Don’t live with gaps in your smile. There are several great ways to replace missing teeth at our Hamburg Lexington office, including dentures. Give us a call today at 859-554-1612 for new patients, or call at 859-687-0975 for existing patients.

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