Dental Veneers in Hamburg Lexington Cover Smile Flaws Instantly

Smile imperfections like chipped teeth or gapped teeth are distracting and unattractive. The good news is that you can cover smile flaws with help from our Hamburg Lexington dentist office. We can place dental veneers over your teeth and immediately cover your flaws. Here’s what you can expect from veneers:

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  • A dazzling white smile you’ll be proud to share.
  • Stain-resistant restorations that will last years, even decades.
  • Beautiful, even teeth to give you a balanced smile.
  • Closing of gaps between teeth without orthodontics.
  • Little to no preparation of your teeth.

Teeth veneers are an amazing cosmetic dentistry solution that can reverse years of dental staining or wear and tear and give you that youthful smile you deserve. Give us a call today at 859-554-1612 for new patients, or call at 859-687-0975 for existing patients to get started.

Never Hesitate to Smile Again With Teeth Veneers

Our office can erase dental imperfections and give you a beautiful, natural-looking smile with veneers. Placing veneers is a simple and gentle process, though we often need to remove a small portion of enamel to achieve the perfect fit for your veneers. We use strong and durable porcelain veneers and even prepless Lumineers that require no filing of your teeth or shots for numbing. During a consultation, we’ll help you decide which works best for your smile.

  • Porcelain Veneers – Porcelain e.max or Empress veneers closely resemble your tooth’s enamel. We place these restorations in a two-step process and give you a detailed smile preview to make sure you’re happy with your new smile. Once the final veneers are on your teeth, we’ll show you how to maintain them so they last for years.
  • Prepless Veneers – Many patients with recessed teeth can benefit from immediate veneers. Unlike traditional porcelain veneers, these veneers require no tooth alteration. You’ll receive instant results!

Dental veneers can improve the function and appearance of your smile. You’ll find yourself smiling more and even dialing back the calendar. That’s right – veneers can mean a more youthful and confident you!

Our Hamburg Lexington dentists are ready to give you a dazzling smile. Call our office today at 859-554-1612 for new patients, or call at 859-687-0975 for existing patients for an appointment. Our cosmetic dentistry consultations are available for a minimal diagnostic fee.

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