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My ideal patient, I would say would be one that is open to wanting to know everything they need to know about their health, how important their teeth are to their health. We just don’t look at somebody’s teeth and say, “Okay, you got a cavity here. You got to fill it.” It’s a comprehensive exam. We take time to study their medical history, find out if they have any issues, what kind of medications they’re taking that may compromise our treatment, but what kind of medication they’re taking that may be a cause of something else that we can help them with. The ideal patient is one that actually comes in and, “Tell me what I need. Tell me how I can make myself healthy.”

At Beaumont Family Dentistry, we are dedicated to patient satisfaction. We offer a wonderful, caring staff, the latest in dental techniques, state-of-the-art technology, and three comfortable facilities. Each of our doctors is highly trained to provide excellent quality care to every patient. We aim for the best in dental care. Below, you can listen to what our patients have to say about the care they received at our practice.

If you are ready to begin your journey to a happier, healthier, more beautiful smile, contact our office for an appointment today. We can be reached by phone or via our online form. Let us help you achieve a smile you can be proud of.

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  • Everybody here is awesome. Everybody from the dentist to everybody that works the front area, the office area. Everybody here is awesome.

    They will call and check up on you. Dr. Jill will shoot me a text and say, "Hey, how are you feeling?" It's the personal touch that she's awesome with.

    She's done several fillings for me. I recently thought a couple years ago I'd have a crown because of a root canal, but she takes good care of me and anytime that I'm in any kind of pain, because I think tooth pain is one of the worsts, especially such as I've experienced it, she's very caring. She called the specialist the other day to get me in early when she was booked out, and she's just been awesome. Everything she's done for me is awesome.

    I recently ... I'd come in for a cleaning and there was a couple fillings she did for me a year or so ago, and she didn't like the way they looked. They didn't bother me. I didn't know, but she said, "I don't like the way these look." She goes, "I'm going to redo them." She did them for free. I was pretty impressed with that. She's really conscientious about her work. I can't see in there, so it's good that she pays attention. Somebody else may not have done that.

    If you need a dentist, go see Dr. Jill. She's awesome. Beaumont Family Dentistry will take care of you.

    Jonathan Alexander
  • Everyone here is just very friendly and warm. She is genuinely caring and enjoys what she does. That comes over very clearly. I appreciate the fact that she takes her time with me and makes sure that all of my concerns are addressed. Dr. Higginbotham understood my anxieties with that.

    I noticed as I age, my teeth were becoming more fragile. I was interested in some veneers and she helped me with that process as well. I'm very pleased with what I have in my smile now. I do smile more than I did before, yes, because I think my smile looks very nice now.

    Virginia Robinson
  • Because I am kind of a dental phobia person, that my expectations have been exceeded. She is extremely patient and accommodating to your personal needs. I have been very satisfied with my experience with Beaumont Family Dentistry here. It was like I was having coffee with her. She came in, introduced herself. We talked for a while, went through just some social things. She's very personable, very friendly, very open. Not pushy, real down-to-earth. We went through a whole entire plan of care. I agreed to it, got home and started thinking about it and got cold feet, so I called back in.

    Actually, one afternoon, she finally said, "If you want to come in, let's sit down and talk." She was preparing to leave on a trip and going to the airport. I came in right before she left to the airport. You would have never known she had a plane to catch. We sat down in the office. We went through everything. She said, "If that's what you want to do, that's what we'll do," and so that's what we did. It's very comforting, I guess is a good word. Knowledge is important in making sure you go to the right place. I felt real comfortable coming here.

    Ann Fleming
  • I had an accident and had actually broken a tooth basically, cracked it, and I was in an incredible amount of pain. I had been putting off some dental work for a pretty long time. I thought I needed a root canal. It took an emergency to get me in. The first thing she did was get me out of pain immediately. There's a lady who does hand massages. I came in, in tears just from pain and, of course, very frightened. I'm somebody who had to take Valium to just get my teeth cleaned before. Within minutes, I'm having my hand massage. All these smiling people are around me, pats on the shoulder and just true compassion, and again, she got me out of the pain immediately.

    Ever since and I've had a couple of cavities filled, some old stuff replaced, had my veneers replaced. We've spent a lot of time together in the last few years. She even thinks that I'm starting to hurt if I twitch or anything. She is like, "Please, please let me know. There's no reason for you to hurt." Now, I come bouncing and smiling. I got my teeth cleaned on Monday and I come in and I hug everybody. I'm just as relaxed. It was relaxing to get my teeth cleaned the other day because my phone is off for an hour. The chairs are really comfy. Everyone just from beginning to end has been so nice and it's completely changed my dental health.

    Amber Hruska
  • My daughter was really nervous about going to the dentist. She'd had a few bad experiences. When she got here and they took her back, they really talked to her and realized how anxious she was, and they gave her a hand massage and the black [inaudible 00:00:26] treatment so she felt like she was having a spa day instead of a dentist appointment. She got relaxed, and everybody was really nice. She had a great day.

    Everyone really does seem to care, and very personable, makes you, puts you right at home, makes you feel relaxed, so we're really happy and really glad that we came here.

    Elizabeth Alcorn
  • I hadn't been to the dentist in a while and I was a little nervous that they would be upset or kind of make me feel bad about that. Everybody was really nice and just made me feel very reassured being here. They've talked about what they were going to do, how long it would take. I always knew the payment expectations right up front. They did a great job of going through what my insurance would cover and what I would be responsible for. Even the day or two before I was supposed to come in, they called just to make sure I didn't have any questions or make sure that I knew everything that was going to happen.

    They even called to ask the next day how I was feeling. That was good, because then it gave me time after it was finished if I had any questions that I thought of, I could ask those then. I felt very informed. Because everyone's been so friendly and it's been such a great experience, they have made it so that I wanted to come back and go to the dentist. I have now started having yearly cleanings. It has been a great experience.

    Ginnie Rose
  • Linda Bailey
  • They're always very welcoming, very personal. They know who you are when you come in the door, so it's not like every time you come in you see a different face and they don't know you from Adam. They've made me feel very comfortable. They helped me along the way. They made sure I understood what was going on and what I needed and I understood the process at each step. You don't dread coming here. I don't like dentists and my teeth are sensitive and all of that, but she's made it very comfortable.

    I had gone years without access to dental care, just couldn't afford it. I was dumping my money into my children's teeth instead. I had a lot of work that needed done, and they have provided everything from the root canal, replacing old fillings, building up teeth that had kind of worn down, and then the Invisalign to help straighten my smile because as I've gotten older my teeth have bunched together much more than they were to begin with.

    When we started, I told them what my goals were, so she developed a plan to help me get to my goals. We're still working on that. We're not done yet, but I've come a long way from where I was. I definitely smile more. I have more confidence, I think, in my smile and just being more outgoing, talking with people. I don't think I'm quite as self-conscious as I used to be.

    Margaret Agee
  • Beaumont's been a great place because they just made it very welcoming. I was so nervous to do a dental procedure. It's been a long time since I've come in. They were just so comforting and made me feel welcome and at ease. He had a very good bedside manner. He was very comforting. He walked me through all the steps. He told me what he was going to do before he did it, so it kind of made it a little easier as we were going through the process. I was very conscious about my smile. I was very ... It was very bad. Building up the nerve to come here was ... It took a big step for me to do. When I walked in the door, from the minute I walked in the door they were just so nice and comforting and easy for me to talk to. They didn't belittle me or make me feel horrible because of the way my smile was. In choosing Beaumont, I feel like it was the best choice I could have made, and I brag about this office all the time.

    Natasha Maliote
  • Teresa Lee
  • Ray Spotts
  • Kristie

I became a patient at Beaumont Family Dentistry rather by accident. Although I live in Lexington, I had a longstanding relationship with a dentist in Frankfort from whom I didn’t want to switch. But one Friday, an old filling popped out and my dentists office was closed on Fridays. So I called Beaumont and they saw me the same day. As soon as I met the staff and noticed the beautiful surroundings and amazingly friendly staff, I decided to switch dentists permanently. I love the personal treatment the dentists and other professional staff provide, and the office has such a friendly “vibe.” The efficiency of the office is unique. Everyone is able to communicate with one another in real time to ensure each patient gets the best and most appropriate service she or he needs. I’m especially happy with the oral device I learned about and obtained at Beaumont to alleviate my snoring problem. It’s been an amazing improvement in my life (and my husbands)! I also really appreciate the “Smile Saver” in office dental membership plan that Beaumont offers. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Takacs and her wonderful staff!

- Barbara P. ,

How many children ask with sincerity, Mom, when do I get to go back to the dentist again?!
My child did. Thanks to Dr. Takacs and team.

Also, I appreciate the services and business practices within Beaumont Dentistry. As a business owner/practitioner (be it in the animal health field), the office environment is something to sincerely commend. Excellent morale and a conscientious nature is evident within a cohesive staff. What a pleasure to be around from the patient’s point of view!

- Larkspur Carroll , Family Dentistry

Dear Dr. Takacs,

I cannot begin to thank-you enough for the new smile and sense of confidence that you and your staff have given to me. For so many years my teeth and smile were a constant source of social discomfort. I was always the person in pictures who never opened their mouth when they smiled.
I never thought I would get my teeth worked on for a couple of reasons. The main was that I thought my teeth would look fake and the procedure would be extremely painful. I was wrong. My new teeth are better than I could have ever have imagined! They are natural and beautiful!
The procedure took no time at all and was painless. You and your staff made my time in the office more than comfortable. This means so much to me. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!
Warmest regards,
Daniel Carey

- Daniel Carey and his wife, Madison , Smile Makeover

Everything here is first rate! I had a great experience with the staff. They are very personable and I really got to know them from coming in every month. Invisalign is a great alternative to braces as people do not see them as they are clear.
As a realtor, Invisalign could be worn with comfort and did not interfere with my job, and now I have straight teeth!

- Sarah Espinosa , Invisalign

Dr. Takacs is professional and friendly! The practice is equipped with the newest technology and offers painless, prompt and accommodating service.
My full mouth restoration has been life changing by giving me a better, more confident smile!

- Timothy L. Haymaker , Full mouth restoration

Dr. Takacs and the staff are friendly and they are very prompt in keeping their appointments. The KöR whitening helped the color of my teeth and helped with my self-confidence. The results are great!

- Christopher Reed , Teeth Whitening

Dr. Takacs made my smile! I am a long-time patient of hers, since I was 7 years old. I have had countless cleanings, several fillings and braces. The staff are professional and welcoming.
Dr. Takacs is very knowledgeable. I believe that she can fix anything, or find the right person to help.
I feel like my whole family has a place in this office – my husband and children are patients here also! My smile is something I am very proud of, and something that people notice. I believe that her services over the years have helped improve my confidence and my self-image!

- Jennie Hayes , Braces, cleanings and teeth whitening

I came here to get some general dental care and a whiter smile. During the process I remained pain-free the entire time. The staff here are very friendly and welcoming! Now, I have the brighter smile I was looking for!

- Hannah Pagan , Crown placement & teeth whitening

“I think that they do very kind and gentle work, along with incredible massages, laughter and fun! I even emailed pictures to family and friends. They are friendly, knowledgeable and catered to my needs and fears. Pain is no longer an issue for me and I refer all of my clients here now!
“I was given massages during my procedures and they were heavenly. I wanted to be able to wear my anniversary pearls and have my teeth as white as my pearls. I wanted a beautiful and natural smile, and now I do!”

- Carolyn N. Wheeler , Porcelain Veneers

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