Get A Full Smile With Mini Dental Implants

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You may have loved your dentures when you first got them. You looked like you had real teeth, and you could eat reasonably well, too. And your dentures mostly stayed in your mouth when you wanted to say something.

Now, you are tired — tired of using more and more denture adhesives. You are tired of not being able to eat the food that you really want to eat. You are tired of wondering when your teeth will slide around or fall out when you are talking to someone.

You want your teeth to be stable and secure. You want something better, and you can have it with mini dental implants from Beaumont Family Dentistry.

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Understanding Implants

If you’re reading this, then you likely already understand the limitations of traditional dentures. They only replace the crowns of your missing teeth. Without something to replace the roots your teeth, your dentures won’t be able to function like your natural teeth once did.

After living with traditional dentures for years, you are quite likely to experience bone loss in your jaw. As this happens, your jaw gets smaller. This changes how your dentures fit, which is why most people with dentures need to have them refitted or replaced from time to time.

Implants can prevent that bone loss by stimulating your jaw when you bite and chew. That encourages new bone growth, which keeps your jaw healthy and strong. Your implants act as an anchor for your dentures, too. This keeps then secure and stable.

Last by not least, implants connect your dentures directly to your jaw. That allows you to bite with nearly as much force as someone with a full set of teeth.

When To Go Small

From a functional standpoint, mini implants can do the same thing as standard implants. Minis can secure your dentures so you maintain a natural smile, restore your bite, and feel confident that your replacement teeth will stay where they should.

One of the most common reasons to get mini implants is fit. When you lose bone in your jaw, you may not be able to support full-sized implants. In the past, you would need to get a bone graft before you could get implants.

A bone graft is essentially a bone tissue transplant. As you heal from the procedure, your transplanted tissue would bone with the existing tissue. This would make your jaw strong enough to secure implants. This also added to the cost and the time needed to get your implant-supported dentures.

Mini implants can fit where standard implants don’t. By getting minis, you could skip the bone graft and start enjoying your new teeth sooner. Having minis won’t help you regrow lost bone tissue, but they can prevent continued bone loss.

Enjoy Big Results

Mini dental implants can as effective as standard implants. At Beaumont Family Dentistry, we have seen what they have done for our patients in and around Lexington, KY. Feel like yourself again. Schedule a consultation soon. Contact us online or call the office closest to you.