3 Ways Dental Implants Give You Freedom [blog]

Many of us in the Lexington, KY area are gearing up to celebrate Independence Day. It’s a fun time to watch colorful fireworks, grill out, and spend time with family and friends. But there’s another kind of independence you can celebrate, as well.

Dental implants give you freedom in ways you might not have thought about. Dr. Takacs and her dental team at Beaumont Family Dentistry have a variety of implant options that will make you and your mouth happy.

Implants Function as Replacement Tooth Roots

Think about this scenario for a moment. Either due to disease, injury, or another reason, you’ve lost a tooth – the whole thing. That means the crown (the white part above the gumline that you see), as well as the root below, are both gone. There’s nothing but a hole where it all used to be.

You could choose to do absolutely nothing about your missing tooth. But that’s not a very good option because your other teeth will start to shift their positions to fill in the gap. This can lead to possible problems with teeth alignment and an uncomfortable bite.

Plus, without a tooth root to stimulate it, your jawbone will begin to slowly deteriorate, or resorb. If you lose enough jawbone, your facial structure can change and you will actually develop a “sunken face” look. You will look several years older than you actually are. Nobody wants that!

That’s where titanium dental implants come in. Once our skilled dentist inserts them into your jaw, they become artificial tooth roots. Over the course of a few months, the implants will chemically fuse with the bone, creating a strong, durable base for replacement teeth.

Plus, implants will stimulate your jawbone to produce new bone cells – helping prevent bone loss and premature aging!

Depending on your situation and wants, you can replace your missing teeth with a single implant or with multiple implants. Our dentist will examine your teeth and gums, then explain all your options in detail so you can decide what will work best for you.  

Implants Give You Freedom to Smile

Now that you know what dental implants are and what they do, let’s talk more about the incredible freedom they can give you.

Do you ever hide your teeth behind your hand out of embarrassment? Have other people forgotten what your smile even looks like because you seldom ever show it in public?

If either of these describes you, then implants from Beaumont Family Dentistry can change your life for the better! We can use teeth implants to place a new porcelain crown, an implant bridge, and even implant dentures.

Your choices are wide open when it comes to restoration options. You won’t have to worry about hiding your smile any longer. In fact, you’ll be so proud of your bright new smile you’ll want to show it off wherever you go!

Family reunion coming up? Check – you can go with your head held high! High school reunion? Check – you can show up with a gorgeous new grin! What about a career change and job interviews in the works? Got those covered as well!

You can take part in all these activities with full confidence that your smile is beautiful and looks its best. Our dental implants make it possible to say goodbye to embarrassment and shame caused by missing teeth.

Implants Give You Freedom to Eat What You Want

Have you been avoiding foods that you would love to be eating? Are you tired of a bland diet of soft, tasteless foods? Even if there are only a couple of your favorite foods that missing teeth are causing you to avoid, dental implants can make mealtimes enjoyable again.

Missing teeth make it hard to throw caution to the wind when it comes time to eat. It may be difficult or impossible to enjoy heartier, crunchy foods like raw vegetables or nuts. Maybe you’d like to sink your teeth into a thick, juicy T-bone steak.

If you don’t have the teeth needed to bite and chew these foods comfortably, trying to enjoy them is just a pipe dream.

But implant restorations will make it possible to eat whatever you want. You can even enjoy chewy, sticky treats and desserts. New crowns, a bridge, or dentures anchored to implants will replace your teeth and your bite so you can enjoy eating again.

Mealtimes can be fun without having to avoid certain foods or dealing with the embarrassment of others making special accommodations for you.

Implants Give You Freedom From the Hassle of Conventional Dentures

If you’ve ever had traditional dentures, you’re well aware of some of the headaches that go along with them. Bad-tasting denture adhesives and the constant fear that your teeth will fly out at an inappropriate time are just a couple of the hassles of old-fashioned, conventional dentures.

But it’s a completely different story with implant dentures. Once your dentures are anchored to your implants, they’re not going anywhere. You can expect them to stay firmly in place without moving, slipping, or flying out. You can talk, laugh, eat, and even sing without worrying about embarrassment.

We offer two different options for implant dentures. Implant-retained dentures attach to implants using a ball-and-snap system. They will stay firmly in place without moving and can be removed easily for cleaning.

Implant-secured dentures are similar, but provide an even more secure fit and better comfort by using a sturdy bar that clips into your implants. In most cases, they are only removed by a dentist.

Imagine not having to worry about your dentures anymore! You’ll be able to eat a wider variety of tasty foods without fear that your teeth will slip out of place or fly out of your mouth. Once again, dental implants make it possible.

You can experience dental freedom with teeth implants from Beaumont Family Dentistry. Call us today at one of our three Lexington locations to make an appointment. You can also contact us online.