Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants in Lexington, KY

There are lots of ways to lose a tooth, including injury, disease, or even neglect. There are multiple ways to replace missing teeth too, but our Lexington dentists believe dental implants are best. That’s because implants offer numerous advantages over other methods of replacing teeth.

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Our patients find implants:

  • Better for Oral Health – Implants are embedded in your jaw, where they function like natural tooth roots, stimulating the bone and keeping it healthy. Without this stimulation, your bone deteriorates over time.
  • More Convenient – Depending on the kind of dental restoration you use with implants, you’ll care for your teeth as you always have. Just brush, floss, and see us for regular exams. Unlike dentures, you won’t need regular fit adjustments.
  • More Comfortable – Unlike dentures, implants won’t move around and irritate your gums. You may forget your implants are even there!
  • More Secure – Implants aren’t going anywhere – so neither are your replacement teeth. Your teeth will stay in place without adhesive. You can eat whatever you want, with no worries about displacing your teeth.
  • Versatile – Implants can replace any number of teeth, even all of them, depending on which dental restorations are attached to them.
  • Long Lasting – Implants last longer than fixed bridges or removable dentures. With proper care, they should last a lifetime.

To schedule a consultation and find out if implants are right for you, call 859-295-3938.

Our Implant Dentists Offer Lots of Dental Implant Services

Some dentists restore implants but don’t place them. Several of our dentists have advanced training in implant dentistry, so you can get your entire dental implant procedure from our team. They can restore your implants with a dental crown, a fixed bridge, or dentures. In addition, we offer dental implant services you won’t find at every dental practice.

Our services include:

  • Same-Day Smile – In some cases, you can receive implants and replacement teeth in one appointment.
  • Immediate Implant Placement After Extraction – Our dentists can sometimes place an implant immediately after removing a tooth. This saves time and stress, as you’ll only need one office visit and one surgery. If you’re getting a tooth removed and are also considering dental implants, ask your dentist if immediate placement will work for you.

We also offer bone grafts, an oral surgery procedure you may need if your jaw isn’t strong enough to support implants. If you’re nervous about any dental implant procedure, you can get dental sedation. We offer three different kinds, all of which provide varying levels of relaxation.

To see if you’re a candidate for dental implants, call 859-295-3938. You’ll find our Lexington dentist office at 3141 Beaumont Centre Circle, Suite 300, 40513.

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