‘Tis The Season For Teeth Whitening! [BLOG]

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You don’t want to have your guard up this holiday season, having to always remind yourself to smile or laugh with your mouth closed or to cover your mouth with your hand when you’re talking to someone.

But that’s what we tend to do when we’re embarrassed about our stained teeth.

Relax and have a good time this season with professional teeth whitening in Lexington, KY!

Visit Beaumont Family Dentistry soon to brighten your smile and boost your confidence before the festivities begin!

Don’t Deck The Halls With A Dull Smile!

Before you decide to deck the halls with dull, dingy teeth, it’s important to know what your whitening options are and which ones are going to give you the best results.

First, let’s look at how store-bought teeth whitening products fall short:


Any consumer-grade product is going to be held to a certain safety standard, and when it comes to products that contain bleaching chemicals you’re going to put on your teeth, the concentration of those ingredients will be too weak to actually work very well, if at all.


Just because bleaching agents in store-bought whitening products are weak, doesn’t mean you’re not at risk for damaging your tooth enamel or sensitive gums. When toothpastes and gels are applied incorrectly or too often, you could end up with tooth sensitivity or irritated gums.


Unfortunately, you can’t always count on DIY whitening kits. That’s because you’re likely using mass-produced tools, like mouth trays and strips, that don’t fit properly, meaning that any results are going to look uneven and awkward.

Your Smile Really Sparkles With Our Teeth Whitening!

You really are at an advantage when you whiten your teeth with our team, and here are a few reasons why:


We rely on two widely-trusted whitening systems only the professionals have access to, Zoom! and KöR. These powerful treatments are expertly administered so you get even, reliable results safely so you don’t risk harming your tooth enamel or your gums.


Teeth whitening at the dentist isn’t just more effective than a store-bought product.

It’s also significantly faster! With just one in-office treatment, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in the lightness of your teeth. We can help you choose which of our two systems is right for you, and we can even pamper you with an arm massage and paraffin hand dip while you relax in the dental chair for a true spa-like experience!


Many of our patients choose to whiten their teeth quickly with our in-office treatment, then take home our customized system so they can maintain their results on their own time.

Not only will you receive professional-strength whitening gel, but your mouth trays are completely customized, meaning they will fit over your teeth perfectly so you get the best, safest coverage and results!

Schedule Teeth Whitening Treatment!

In a few days, you’ll be sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner, and maybe even plotting your shopping strategy for Black Friday.

All the usual holiday preparations will be competing for your time and attention, which means you won’t have much room for improving your smile and self-esteem for the busy social season ahead.

That’s why you should call Beaumont Family Dentistry today to schedule your teeth whitening treatment at one of our convenient Lexington locations! We’ll make sure your smile looks merry and bright!