Is Your Dentist A Leader Or A Follower?

Dr. Patricia Takacs | Lexington, KY - Beaumont Family Dentistry

No two people are alike. That’s true for our patients, and it’s true for dentists, too.

Some dentists are happy doing what they have always done, while others, like our own Dr. Takacs, are trendsetters.

At least, that’s what America’s PremierExperts noted on their website and in a feature published in USA Today on trendsetting professionals across the United States.

How do Dr. Takacs and Beaumont Family Dentistry stay on the cutting edge? What makes our office unique in Central Kentucky? Why do patients come from Danville, Richmond, and Winchester to visit our three dentist office in Lexington?

We will explain some of the reasons below.

Our Philosophy

Part of the reason many of our patients choose Beaumont Family Dentistry is our approach to dental care.

When we see a patient, we want them to understand their teeth and their oral health should be considered part of their total health.

“Ours is a comprehensive dental practice,” Dr. Takacs said.

We aren’t here just to clean your teeth and treat problems when they arise. We also want to educate our patients. We try to put ourselves in our patient’s shoes.

When we recommend treatment — whether it is a change in their flossing habits or a full-mouth reconstruction — we ask what would we do if we were in this same position. What service would we recommend for our parents and children?

We also put an emphasis on working as a team. (We know a little about the benefits of teamwork in Lexington.)

And it always makes us feel good when our patients say they can tell that our staff loves what we do and are passionate about providing quality dental care. That starts with Dr. Takacs.

Leading The Way

in 1983, Dr. Takacs graduated with high honors from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry.

In addition to serving patients through Central Kentucky, she also has taught future dentists at UK and coached other dentists through a dental management company.

In addition to her knowledge in general and family dentistry, she is a member of the Academy of Computerized Dentistry, the Academy of GP Orthodontics, the Academy of Laser Dentistry, the Bluegrass Dental Society, the Dental Organization of Conscious Sedation, the Kentucky Dental Association, and the American Dental Association.

She’s even co-authored two books. The first, Power Principles for Success Vol. 2, Takacs and other business leaders describe the principles that have guided their success.  

The second is A Cup of Coffee With “My” Dentist. In it, Dr. Takacs and other leading dentists share stories and discuss our dedication to our patients.

The Cutting Edge

Our patients deserve a lot of things, in our view.

When you are sitting in our chair, you deserve the attention of the dental professionals who are providing your care.

You deserve to be comfortable. This is why we offer a range of comfort options. We can provide you with a blanket and a pillow so you can feel cozy and comfortable. We offer paraffin wax dips and professional arm and hand massages to help you relax during your treatment.

We also offer other creature comforts like hot drinks, fresh baked cookies, and headphones if you would like to listen to music.

Many patients take advantage of those small touches that make their visits to the dentist more pleasant, but every patient benefits from the leading technology that we provide at all three of our locations.

One great example of this is the CT scanners that we use in our practice. This is smaller than a CAT scan, although the principles are the same.

With the CT scanner, we can take hundreds of images of your teeth and the supporting bone structure in a matter of minutes. Those images are fed into a computer program and combined to create three-dimensional models of your mouth. This helps our dentists diagnose problems and plan treatments.

The technology doesn’t stop there. We have tools to aid us in finding tooth decay, ultrasonic cleaning tools, and lasers to make gum disease treatment more efficient and easier patients who need it.

Go With A Leader

The members of Beaumont Family Dentistry want every patient who walks through our doors to receive cutting-edge dental care. This includes making you feel comfortable and providing professional service based on the latest techniques and technologies.

If you live within driving distance of any of our Lexington area dentist office, we welcome you to find out what leaders in dentistry can do for you and your family.

To make an appointment, fill out our online form or call any of our three locations.