Here’s Why Fluoride Is Safe And Good For Your Teeth | Lexington, KY [BLOG]

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By now, you’re probably painfully aware of how fast incorrect information spreads online. It’s just so easy to publish fake news these days, and anyone can pretend to know what they’re talking about. And because sharing information is so easy, it’s common for incorrect ideas to spread fast.

That’s probably why some people are saying fluoride is a problem. Rest assured, the amount of you get from tap water, toothpaste, and even dental treatments is perfectly fine. In fact, it can really help your teeth stay strong and healthy.

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Yes, Fluoride Is Safe

Why do some sites and shared quotes suggest fluoride is bad for you? Mostly, it’s because not everyone understands the science and chemistry behind this.

No one likes the idea of ingesting chemicals, and watching what you eat and drink is always a good idea. But calling fluoride a chemical is misleading since it’s actually a naturally-occuring mineral, not anything made up in a factory. In addition, drinking water in wells can have fluoride already in it naturally. That’s how scientists realized this mineral was good for your teeth. People who drank well water with fluoride in it had much fewer cavities than others. After decades of scientific research, scientists now know fluoride is great for your teeth.

But is it safe for your overall health? That depends on the type of fluoride and how much you ingest.

  • There are many kinds of fluoride just like there are many kinds of chlorine. The stuff used to treat pools is toxic to people, but table salt is made from chlorine and sodium, and you need some of that to stay healthy. While fluoride isn’t required, the type used in varnishes , water, and toothpaste is fine.
  • Too much fluoride can be unhealthy, but too much of anything (like salt) is unhealthy. Scientists have rigorously tested this and always come to the same conclusion: The amount you get each year won’t hurt you at all.

Get Stronger Teeth

But why would you get a fluoride treatment in the first place? Simply put, it makes your enamel stronger.

The biggest health risk with your teeth is a cavity. This happens when bacteria in your mouth erode the enamel, creating a small hole. This weakens your teeth and can lead to bigger problems like infection or a crack. That’s why you have to get a filling when you have one.

Fluoride gets absorbed by your enamel. This slows down the erosion done by those bacteria, which means you can more easily catch a cavity while it’s still small and easier to treat. But it also strengthens your enamel, making it more resistant to cavities. It even repairs microscopic damage to enamel, adding minerals so it’s restored. While this won’t heal a cavity, it does help prevent them from growing.

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