Triangles May Be The Key To Straighter Teeth

Architects can tell you that triangles are a valuable shape for construction. This shape affects how weight is distributed, and it can make for a solid structure.

We have seen examples of this from ancient times (think Egyptian pyramids) to the roofs of many modern buildings.

Believe it or not, triangles can help with orthodontic treatment, too. An innovative system called Fastbraces® uses triangular brackets to change the forces applied through the archwire to guide the movement of your teeth.

We have used Fastbraces to help many patients at Beaumont Family Dentistry. If you are considering orthodontic treatment, talk to one of our dentists if you live in or near Lexington, KY, to find out if Fastbraces could help you, too.

How Traditional Braces Work?

We would agree that traditional braces are a tried and true method for making your teeth straighter. They can be used to fix practically any alignment problem you may have.

They can close open bites. They can pull back overbites and underbites.

Braces can eliminate the spaces between gapped teeth. They can straighten crooked teeth, and they can adjust crooked teeth so they line up parallel to one another.

Traditional braces start with the bonding of rectangular brackets to your teeth. An archwire connects the brackets together.

These work together to guide the movement of your teeth as they are pushed as pulled where you want them to go. In some cases, small rubber bands (elastics) are used to assist in this process.

Traditional braces move your teeth in stages.

During the first stage, the crowns of your teeth are pulled into position. On average, this takes about a year.

During the second stage, the roots of your teeth are aligned. This helps to keep your teeth in their new positions. The stage also takes about a year to complete.

The first step is wearing a retainer for a short time. This reduces the chances that your teeth will relapse, which is when they drift back toward their original positions.

How Fastbraces Work?

In order for Fastbraces to be considered fast braces, they do need to work in less time than traditional braces.

You probably did the math in your head already, so you know that the averages treatment with traditional braces takes about two years.

Most Fastbraces’ patients can complete their orthodontic treatment in less time than it takes to complete the first stage of treatment with traditional braces. In some cases, patients with Fastbraces have finished in a few months.

The triangular brackets used by Fastbraces are the reason for this. The unique shape of the brackets affects the forces generated on the archwire. This also affects how your teeth move.

Fastbraces move the crowns and roots of your teeth simultaneously, which makes a big difference in the time needed to complete your treatment.

Now, you should still expect to wear a retainer at the end of your treatment. Relapse is possible unless you “train” your teeth to accept their new position.

Why Should You Come To Beaumont Family Dentistry?

If you are interested in Fastbraces, there are multiple providers in our area, so why should you come to Beaumont Family Dentistry.

In a general sense, you will not receive better patient service from any other office. Our staff is friendly, caring, and compassionate, and that comes through in how we treat every patient who walks through our doors.

If you need a more specific reason, our Dr. Takacs is considered a Master Affiliate for Fastbraces. This shows that she has had success in helping patients with this system.

It also means that she trains other dentists and orthodontists on how to use Fastbraces.

Her knowledge has been shared with the dentists at each Beaumont Family Dentistry, which means you can count one expert guidance throughout your treatment process.

This starts when you visit one of our offices for a consultation. Part of this visit will be to assess whether you are a good candidate for Fastbraces.

Many patients are, but there are instances when another orthodontic treatment would be a better option. Our goal is to give you the results that you want to see, and we are not going to advise you to start a treatment unless we are confident that it will help you.

Find Out If Fastbraces Are For You

Call any of our Lexington-area dentist offices if you are interested in learning more about Fastbraces. You can make an appointment online or by calling the office that is most convenient for you.

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