The Fast Track To A Healthy Smile

You would think something was wrong if all the paintings in one room of an art museum were crammed close together. The same would be true if some paintings were turned sideways or the paintings overlapped one another.

The best way to display the paintings is a neat arrangement, where they hang straight on the walls.

We could say something similar about our teeth. When our teeth are crowded together, turned sideways, or overlap one another, it makes our smile look a little odd.

Millions of people undergo orthodontic treatments every year to correct the kinds of problems we mentioned, and we are willing to bet that millions of people would like that treatment to be over as soon as possible.

At this time, there’s no way to straighten teeth overnight, but you can complete your treatment faster with Fastbraces® at Beaumont Family Dentistry in Lexington.

Do Your Want A Healthier Mouth?

Many times people think of the visual benefits of straightening their teeth, but that may not be the most important reason to fix your smile.

People with straight teeth are less likely to develop tooth decay and gum disease. They still have to brush and floss, but brushing and flossing are more effective when you have straight teeth.

For comparison’s sake, think about someone with crooked or crowded teeth. That person may think he or she is brushing their teeth on all sides. However, he or she may not be getting into the areas where his or her teeth overlap one another.

This is a space where bacteria and plaque can build, and that is where tooth decay can grow.

A person with crowded teeth may have trouble fitting dental floss between all their teeth. If they can’t or won’t get between certain teeth, then once again, bacteria has a space to build plaque and tartar. If left untreated, then gum disease won’t be far behind.

By straightening your teeth, it’s easier to remove the bacteria and plaque on every side of your teeth.

Do You Want To Be Happy With Your Smile?

We promise that we are not judging you or your teeth, but it would be hard to count how many patients we have seen who are too embarrassed to smile.

Some patients barely open their lips when they speak, which makes them difficult to understand. Other patients hide their teeth behind their hands while they speak, which can distract from what they are trying to say.

Still other people avoid coming to the dentist completely, and that’s possibly the worst thing they could do for their oral health.

We want our patients to be healthy and happy, which is why we offer orthodontic options for care.

And one of the best options we offer is Fastbraces®.

Straight Teeth In Less Time

Whether you are studying for a test in the classroom or preparing for a presentation in the boardroom, you may be considering orthodontic care.

If you thinking about traditional braces, you could be looking at two years or more with brackets and wires on your teeth. Depending on the type of braces, you may have to use ligatures (tiny rubber bands), too.

With Fastbraces®, you could be finished in a year or less. (Some Fastbraces® patients have completed their treatment in as little as 20 weeks, but that’s not a typical result.)

Cutting your time in half means 12 fewer months with brackets on your teeth. That’s a big benefit with the same long-term results.

How Fastbraces® Work

Fastbraces® use a triangular-shaped bracket. This is the key to how the system is so efficient.

Because of the shape of the brackets, Fastbraces® can move the crowns of your teeth and the roots of your teeth simultaneously.

Traditional braces use square or rectangular brackets. These work by moving your teeth in stages. During the first stage, braces move the crowns of your teeth. In the second stage, they move your roots.

The final results are the same with either option. Your teeth are straighter and your smile looks nicer.

The difference between Fastbraces® and traditional braces is like the difference between marathon runners. A world-class distance runner can finish the race in close to two hours, while a recreational runner may need four hours or more to cover the same distance. Both did the work, one just did it significantly faster than the other.

Ready For A Change?

Before you start your orthodontic treatment, schedule a consultation at the Beaumont Family Dentistry office closest to you. We can examine your teeth and help you determine if Fastbraces® or one of our other orthodontic options will work for you.

To set up your visit, call the office closest to you or click on that office to fill out an online appointment form.