Take Comfort While Getting Dental Care

The new year is here, but one resolution you won’t have to make is finding a new dentist this year. You are a patient at Beaumont Family Dentistry, and it has made your life so much better.

When you moved to the Lexington area, you wanted to use that as an opportunity to get over your dental anxiety. It’s not like it’s completely gone away, but it so much easier to manage with the dentists and the staff at the Beaumont Family Dentistry office near you.

You are so grateful that your friend recommended them. It’s changed your understanding of what dental care can be.

Waiting For Your Cleaning

You can remember your last appointment like it was a dream — not a nightmare, a dream.

You woke up, showered, and grabbed a quick breakfast. You got to the office wishing you’d had a cup of coffee. Then you remembered, they have coffee in the waiting area. You even grabbed one of the fresh-baked cookies, too. (They wouldn’t put them out if they didn’t want us to have them, right?)

While you waited, you chatted with the receptionist about her family. You even heard a mother trying to comfort a nervous child. You think you helped when you told the child that you were nervous, too.

You spoke to them about the nitrous oxide sedation you received during your previous visits, and how it had helped you overcome your nervousness.

You told them how simple and easy the nitrous oxide (“laughing gas” you called it) made your whole procedure. You kind of remembered them placing the mask over your nose. You started breathing in, and then you just felt calmer and more relaxed.

The hygienist was cleaning your mouth, but it was almost like you were somewhere else. Nothing seemed to bother you.

When they finished, they turned off the gas and took off the mask. You took a few breaths, and within minutes, you were ready to go.

Before you left, you did make another appointment for another cleaning (which is why you are back today).

Recalling Your First Time With Dental Sedation

Telling that mother and child about your nitrous oxide reminds you of when you tried sedation dentistry during your first visit to Beaumont Family Dentistry. When you called to make your appointment, it’s like they could tell you were nervous over the phone.

They explained the dental sedation options, and you told them that you wanted to try oral conscious sedation. You scheduled a day off work and so did your spouse.

About an hour before your appointment, you took a pill. When you were ready to leave, your spouse drove you to the office, and they took you to the chair. You don’t remember much after that. You were feeling sleepy due to the medicine.

Nevertheless, the hygienist was able to give you a professional cleaning. You vaguely recall getting back in the car, and when you got home, you took a nap. (It was almost like a mini-vacation with other people taking care of you.)

Today’s Visit

You are still a little nervous about coming to the dentist, but the staff at Beaumont Family Dentistry has been so great that you are trying your cleaning today without any sedation. (You know you can ask for nitrous oxide any time if you get too nervous.)

They are doing everything they can to help you feel relaxed. When you sat down, they offered you a pillow and a blanket.

For you, the real treat for today is the professional hand and arm massage during your treatment. It’s surprising how a comforting touch helps you feel calmer during your cleaning.

They even asked what you wanted to watch on the in-room television. If you are going to be awake, you might as well be entertained at the same time, right?

You were still a little anxious when the hygienist asked you to open your mouth, but the television and the massage really took your mind off things. You were a little surprised when it was over.

They even offered you a hot towel. There’s just something about a warm towel that makes you feel warm and cozy all over.

You went back to the reception to make your next appointment before you left … and to get one more cookie.

A Great Place To Be

You used to have trouble sleeping the night before your dental appointment. Now, you look forward to your visits to Beaumont Family Dentistry.

You’ve even encouraged your friends all over the Lexington area to give them a try. With three convenient locations, you know one of their dentist offices is near where they live or work.

You should try Beaumont Family Dentistry, too, if you are new to the area, looking for a new dentist, or trying to convince yourself that it’s time to go back to the dentist after years of staying away. Call the office closest to you or use the online form to make an appointment.