Take a Look at What Better Sleep in Lexington Can Do [PHOTO]

With March rolling around, you might find yourself frustrated that you haven’t met your New Year’s resolution of getting better sleep. Maybe you’ve been dealing with poor sleep for years. Regardless, it may not be your fault. Even with OTC sleep aids, getting to bed earlier, and ignoring your devices before bedtime, you might still be waking up exhausted. And your bed partner might be frustrated about your loud snoring that’s keeping them from getting good sleep too!

Better sleep in Lexington is possible at the TMJ and Sleep Dentistry Center of Central Kentucky. Dr. Takacs is a highly qualified sleep apnea dentist who can help you get the diagnosis you need – and the sleep you’ve been desperately seeking. Sleep apnea treatment from her can:

  • Make you feel rested throughout the day
  • Improve your concentration and memory
  • Reduce your risk of sleep-related car wrecks
  • Stop your snoring
  • Prevent morning headaches and dry mouth
  • Eliminate or reduce health risks associated with sleep apnea, such as stroke
  • Help you throw out OTC sleep medications and possibly even cut back on blood pressure medication with sleep-apnea-induced hypertension

Need rest and relief? Contact our Lexington office today at 859-721-2072 or online . You may qualify for a CPAP alternative .