Preventing Gum Disease Is Your Best Bet | Lexington, KY

As your partner for oral health, we are here to help you prevent the loss of any natural teeth. One easy way to keep your smile intact is to make sure you are stopping by our Lexington, KY dentist’s office for your regular teeth cleanings and oral exams so that if gum disease should ever emerge, it won’t have the chance to run wild in your mouth (and elsewhere in your body).

Keep reading to learn more about gum disease and then be sure to contact us to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Takacs!

Know The Warning Signs

Let’s start with a basic question: what causes gum disease? There are a number of factors at play but, truth be told, the real culprit is oral bacteria. You see, before we even get our first teeth in, our mouths are already full of dangerous bacteria. When this bacteria advances under the gumline it will inevitably cause inflammation.

In such a scenario, your gums will appear red and you will notice that they bleed easily when brushing. No, you aren’t just brushing too hard, it’s an infection! The early stage of gum disease, also known as gingivitis, can be contained and reversed if you have a good relationship with your dentist. But when you don’t come around enough for us to notice the problem, it can escalate real fast. And that won’t be good for any of us!

Here’s the thing: once full-blow periodontal disease sets in, you will be looking at tooth loss and worse. After that bacteria gets loose in your bloodstream, all bets are off. We aren’t just talking about problems in your mouth, either. There is a link between gum disease and certain respiratory issues, heart disease, and even cancer!

Beyond that, after a certain point it is harder to treat with conservative measures. And once teeth start falling out, you will be looking at the added time and expense that dental implants will bring. It is always better for you to just keep us in the loop all along. That will ensure the happiest ending.

Preventive Care Goes A Long Way!

It is worth repeating: keeping up with your six month professional teeth cleanings and dental checkups is essential for combating disease and decay.

We can often treat early signs of gum disease just by helping you to better care for your teeth in between visits. But for more intense cases we may need to perform a restorative treatment. Don’t worry, we have some good options. One way or another, our Lexington, KY dentist’s office will find a way to get you back on the good road!

Get In Touch Now!

We hope you realize now that your gums play a vital role in stabilizing and supporting your teeth. Without healthy gums your teeth won’t have anything to hold them in place, so you owe it to yourself to let our team deliver the ongoing care that your gums deserve. Even if you’ve done a little backsliding, we can help you boost your oral health at your next dental appointment. Contact us online right away to get started at Beaumont Family Dentistry of Lexington, KY!