Lights, Cameras … Dental Care?

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The cameras are in place. They are looking for something, anything that shouldn’t be there.

“I see it,” one of them says. “Can you bring me the laser?”

This isn’t a scene from the latest superhero movie or outer space film. It could be a visit to any Beaumont Family Dentistry office.

We take pride in staying up-to-date on the latest dental technology, so we can offer the most advanced care for our patients at all three of our locations in Lexington, KY. Intraoral cameras and laser dentistry are just two examples of the technology we use to make our patients’ treatment easier and more effective.

To learn more, start by scheduling an appointment at the location nearest to you.

Intraoral Cameras

Cameras have given people new ways of seeing the world. They also have given people a chance to share what they see with others.

And as many people have said before, pictures are worth a thousand words.

We’ve definitely seen the benefits of cameras at our practice, including tiny intraoral cameras. These let us see your mouth from angles that would not be possible with our eyes alone. They also give us an up-close perspective, which helps our dental professionals find problems earlier than we ever could.

But the most important benefit of this technology may be what it can do for you. The images on our cameras can be shared on screens in our treatment rooms. This way, you can see what we’re seeing.

In our experience, this can have a big impact on your understanding of what is happening inside your mouth. That knowledge can help guide your decisions about your oral health.

Dental Lasers

Laser dentistry is not something out of science fiction. It’s quite real, and it’s something we’ve been using for years at Beaumont Family Dentistry.

One big way laser are reshaping dental treatments is how we deal with gum problems. Not that long ago, you had one option for fixing a gummy smile or removing infected gum tissue. Oral surgery with a scalpel to cut away your gum tissue can be effective for those problems. It also meant longer recovery and often meant removing healthy tissue as well.

With dental lasers, we can precisely target the tissue that needs to be removed. This lets you keep more of your healthy gum tissue. Also, lasers don’t cut your gums. Instead, they effectively evaporate the damaged or excess tissue and seal the healthy tissue that’s left.

This reduces your recovery time and the bleeding that can occur with a scalpel.

See the Difference for Yourself

Our intraoral cameras and dental lasers are just two examples of the advanced dentistry that we offer our patients in and around Lexington, KY. To see how this could improve your dental visits and your overall oral health, please contact us today to make an appointment at any of our three locations:

We look forward to showing you what we can do.