Get A Straighter Smile In Months [VIDEO]

FastBraces | Lexington, KY - Beaumont Family Dentistry

Did you know it’s possible to get a straighter smile in just a matter of months?

A game-changing orthodontic solution called Fastbraces® uses a triangle-shaped bracket that, unlike the rectangular brackets most often used with conventional braces, facilitates fast but gentle movement of your teeth.

“Instead of tilting the crown of the tooth and then moving the root, it bodily moves the root and the crown of the tooth at the same time,” Dr. Higginbotham said. “It is accomplished faster, often, than conventional orthodontics.”

Watch this video to learn more about why so many of our patients at Beaumont Family Dentistry love Fastbraces. Then, call one of our three convenient locations in Lexington, KY to schedule a free orthodontic consultation.