Faster Braces Speed You To A Better Smile

What would you like to be different about your teeth?

Do you want to get rid of your overbite or underbite? Would you like to close the gap or gaps between your teeth?

Do you wish your teeth weren’t so crowded together, or would you like your teeth to be straight instead of crooked?

You can fix any or all of those issue with Fastbraces®. Whether you are an adult who has been considering orthodontic care or you are the parent of a teenager who has been anticipating getting braces, you should schedule an appointment at Beaumont Family Dentistry.

We have three dentist offices in Lexington, KY, to service Central Kentucky families, including giving you or someone you love a smile that you will be happy to share.

What Fastbraces Are

We could tell you that Fastbraces are one of the most innovative orthodontic treatments that have ever been developed. That would be true, but it wouldn’t explain how Fastbraces go their name.

Fastbraces are a new spin on orthodontic care that will give you results in half the time or even less than it would take with traditional orthodontic treatments.

With traditional braces, the average treatment will last two years, although many people have their braces longer.

With Fastbraces, some patients have been able to complete their orthodontic care in as little as 20 weeks. That’s four months.

While every patient won’t be finished that quickly, it’s common for patients to complete their Fastbraces treatment for less than a year.

Years Of Research Support Fastbraces

Dr. Anthony Viazis, an orthodontist from Dallas, Texas, wanted a faster and more comfortable way to help his patients correct misalignments of their teeth. In 1992, he treated his first two patients with his advanced braces.

Dr. Viazis continued to use his innovative orthodontic system for years. As his results become known, more orthodontists and dentists became interested in using his system.

Today it is used by dentist and orthodontists around the United States and across the world.

Today, you can get the benefits that come with using Fastbraces at any Beaumont Family Dentistry location. We have offices in Beaumont Centre Circle, Hamburg, and Leestown.

The best way to find out what Fastbraces can do for you is to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists.

What Makes Fastbraces Different

To understand how Fastbraces work, it’s important to compare and contrast them with traditional braces.

Both use brackets (although not the same kind of brackets). Both use wires. Both will move your teeth into new positions so your teeth are straight and your smile looks nicer.

This movement has the added benefit of making it easier to clean your teeth and reduce wear and tear on your teeth that can develop due to misalignments.

Here’s how your treatment is different with Fastbraces than with traditional braces.

Fastbraces use unique triangular brackets. This allows wider spaces between the brackets. This affects the forces exerted by the archwire as well as the flexibility of the wire.

Traditional braces have rectangular brackets. This affects how teeth move, and it changes the forces generated through the wires.

With Fastbraces, the crowns and the roots of your teeth can be moved simultaneously. This has a dramatic effect on the total time needed to straighten your teeth.

With traditional braces, teeth are moved in stages. First, the crowns are lined up, then the roots are moved to hold the teeth in that position. Each stage takes about a year to complete.

Why You Should Come to Beaumont Family Dentistry

In addition to the caring, compassionate staff at each of our convenient locations, our dentists are familiar with what Fastbraces can do from our experience helping other patients.

In fact, Dr. Patricia Takacs is considered a Master Affiliate of Fastbraces. She has shared her knowledge with other dentists in our practice, and she also trains other dentist and orthodontists on how to use Fastbraces.

In other words, Dr. Takacs has been so successful with Fastbraces that other dentist learn how to use it from her.

But you don’t need to go through training to receive the benefits that come from using Fastbraces. All your need to do is visit the nearest Beaumont Family Dentistry to find out if you are a good candidate for this orthodontic system.

Getting Started With Fastbraces

The first step to making your smile straighter is making an appointment at one of our dentist offices in Lexington, KY. You can call or you can contact us online to request a consultation.

If you are ready to change your smile, then it’s time to find out if Fastbraces can work for you.