Brighten Your Smile With Teeth Whitening

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We’re in the depths of winter, and the skies may seem to be cloudy and gray more often than not. When you look in the mirror and smile, do your teeth appear to be in their own winter funk? Are they dingy, dark, and yellowed like snow that’s been on the ground a day too long?

Just because we’re in the winter doldrums doesn’t mean your teeth shouldn’t shine as brightly as a beautiful summer day. A gorgeous white smile will boost your confidence, make you look younger and more vibrant, and add a little bit of sunshine to every day.

At Beaumont Family Dentistry, we have professional teeth whitening systems that safely, easily, and inexpensively brighten your smile to its pearly white luster. To schedule an appointment, message us through our online contact form or call one of our three Lexington locations.

How Do Professional Teeth Whitening Products Work?

Professional teeth whitening systems use a chemical bleach to break down and eliminate stains on your teeth. Depending on the state of your pearly whites and your timeline, we can treat you in the office with a more concentrated bleach that will achieve the desired result over the course of one dental appointment, or we can send you home with trays and solution for you to keep on your teeth as you sleep. The at-home treatments whiten your teeth over several nights, giving you a little more control over the results.

Why Are Professional Teeth Whitening Systems Better Than Over-the-Counter Whitening Products?

If you’ve ever perused the dental care aisle at the drugstore or supermarket, you’ve seen the claims — on toothpastes, mouthwashes, and dedicated whitening products — that they will give you the gleaming white smile you want. The truth is that these products just aren’t as effective as our professional systems. Some of the over-the-counter kits work in a similar way — with a solution that you put into a whitening tray that fits over your teeth — but the solutions are weaker. This may tempt you to keep the trays on longer than you should, increasing the likelihood of sensitivity and pain. Plus the trays are one-size-fits-all, unlike our custom trays. Ill-fitting trays may leach bleach solution onto your gums.

Try Our Teeth Whitening Products

At Beaumont Family Dentistry, we use KöR and Zoom teeth whitening products, which are powerful but gentle on your sensitive teeth and gums. Our in-office treatment may lighten your teeth up to several shades and is a great option if you need immediate results. If you have a little more time and want more control over your treatment, we recommend our take-home whitening product. We will craft your custom whitening tray in our office and send you home with everything you need to lighten your teeth as you sleep.

To learn more about teeth whitening and our other cosmetic dental procedures, call the Beaumont Family Dentistry today. We also have a convenient online contact form.