Enjoy Specialized Treatment For TMJ Disorders & Sleep Apnea in Lexington, KY

Quite a few dentists offer some form of treatment for TMJ disorders and sleep apnea, often consisting of mouthguards. The trouble is, both of these problems can be complex. They can both be tricky to diagnose and may require more than a mouthguard to solve the problem. Lexington dentist Dr. Trish Takacs has advanced training and years of experience treating both conditions. That’s why she opened the TMJ and Sleep Dentistry Center of Central Kentucky.

If you need dental care in Lexington, you can get it at one of our three Beaumont Family Dentistry locations. For specialized treatment for TMJ disorders and sleep apnea, visit the TMJ and Sleep Dentistry Center. It’s right across the street from the Hamburg location of Beaumont Family Dentistry.

Other dental offices might see these cases only occasionally; at the center, we help patients with these issues every day. By addressing your TMJ and sleep apnea problems, we can help you rest better, feel less pain, and enjoy better health.

To make an appointment, call 859-251-5115.

Experienced Doctor & Advanced Technology Make a Difference

Dr. Takacs is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine who did a mini residency in sleep medicine at Tufts University. She even wrote about the importance of restful sleep in the Amazon best-selling book Principles for Success, Vol. 2. She’s also one of only a few hundred dentists in the U.S. to offer TruDenta® therapy to relieve TMJ disorders, migraines, and chronic headaches. Her interest and expertise led her to establish the TMJ and Sleep Dentistry Center.

She uses the most advanced technology available to diagnose and treat these conditions. Unlike some doctors who might diagnose a TMJ disorder based on no more than a discussion with a patient about symptoms, she uses high-tech tools like T-Scan III computerized bite analysis.

For specialized treatment for TMJ disorders and sleep apnea, call 859-251-5115 for an appointment. In addition to Lexington, we serve nearby communities like Versailles, Frankfort, Georgetown, Nicholasville, and Richmond.

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