Dr. Erica Higginbotham

Dr. Erica Higginbotham is a native Kentuckian who graduated with her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology from Georgetown College and graduated from University of Kentucky College of Dentistry in 2003, where she was honored with the Quintessence Award in Periodontology and the Award for Oral Diagnosis.

Dr. Higginbotham has been very active in organized dentistry over the past ten years. She has served as a member on the Executive Board for the Kentucky Dental Association, Secretary for the Kentucky Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and board member and Vice President for the Bluegrass Dental Society. She is a Fastbraces® affiliate and also a Preferred Provider of Invisalign.
She has also volunteered locally and abroad to underprivileged areas in Kentucky and Mexico.

For me, something that is very rewarding in dentistry is just being able to take care of people. Sometimes people are very scared, there is a lot of unknowns in dentistry, there not sure what is going on, especially if they come in and are in pain. That’s the thing I like most about dentistry is that I really get to take care of people; and, two, people come in, they have a problem and I get to help them fix it. That’s very rewarding.

One of the things Dr. Takacs is really great about is encouraging all of her staff to be very well educated. She’s put a lot of effort both into the technology that is in our office and also into educating staff members, including all of the doctors. I’ve been very fortunate. I’ve done Invisalign training. I’ve also done Fastbraces training. Then she sends us to courses on implants, bone grafting, extractions. We’ve just been very fortunate that she encourages that so much among our staff members to make sure that we’re our best so that we can present the best thing to our patients.

Dr. Higginbotham and her husband, Patrick, have three children that they enjoy spending time with on their farm and equine boarding facility in Lexington.

I like the relationships that I build with my patients. What’s most rewarding for me is if you have a female come in, you build a relationship with her, and then a couple months later you find out that you’re treating her husband and then you find out a couple weeks later that I’m taking care of her children. Then a couple weeks ago, I had an elderly couple. He was 99, and his wife was 89. They came in, and they were the great-grandparents of one of my patients. That’s just really neat to be able to build relationships with people and then to feel like that you take care of them well enough that they refer their family members and their friends to Beaumont Family Dentistry, as well, to trust us to take care of the people that they care about.


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