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Sleep Apnea is a disease that, when you’re sleeping, you stop breathing and it’s significant when you stop breathing over ten seconds at a time. I got into the Sleep Apnea field about eight years ago. There are oral appliances that are approved by medicine that can help treat Sleep Apnea.

What the appliance do is they allow the tongue not to fall back, which blocks the airway while you’re sleeping. The standard of care for Sleep Apnea, with people that understand it is CPAP, which is a machine and a mask that you wear that it helps keep the air flow going. A lot of patients don’t like the mask, so we’re in a position here that we can provide them with the oral appliance to treat the Sleep Apnea.

What we started doing, about two years ago, was every patient that comes in, they fill out a Sleep Apnea questionnaire, a sleep questionnaire, so we can get a feel for are you tired during the day? Do you snore at night? We put all that information together and we can come up with, you may have Sleep Apnea. What we do here, is part of my thorough exam is I look for signs that the patient may have Sleep Apnea, so we can provide them with a sleep screening that they can do at home.

If they have an indication they do have sleep disorder breathing, we’ll either refer them to their primary care physician for a sleep test, or we can actually send them to a sleep physician to have a consultation and then the sleep physician will order a sleep test in a sleep center.

The specialized care and treatment you need is here. Call [phone] or visit TMJ And Sleep Dentistry Center of Central Kentucky, LLC right here in Lexington, KY. Our brand-new office is located at 2408 Sir Barton Way, Suite 275 right across from Beaumont Family Dentistry’s Hamburg dental office.

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Sleep Apnea Solutions that Work!

Sleep apnea is a condition that disrupts your breathing while you are asleep. The most common form of sleep apnea is obstructive sleep apnea, which means that an obstruction (like your tongue, tonsils, etc.) is cutting off your airway as you sleep, forcing your body to pull awake in order to start breathing again.

At TMJ And Sleep Dentistry Center of Central Kentucky, LLC, we offer sleep apnea solutions that work and are comfortable. Oral appliances can shift your jaw alignment to keep your airway open so you rest better!

Treating Sleep Apnea and TMJ Every Day

Unlike other dental offices that might see a case like yours once a month, we are helping patients each and every day. By addressing issues with your TMJ and sleep apnea, we can help you rest better, feel less pain, and be healthier.

Our dentists use advanced treatment options like TruDenta and oral appliances to give you comfortable, complete relief from your TMJ pain and sleep apnea discomfort.

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Listen to what our patients have to say about the TruDenta and Sleep Apnea care they received at our practice.

In 2006 I suffered nerve damage to my face that became excruciatingly painful and I tried everything. I tried multiple doctors, I tried a pain clinic, I tried even a brain surgeon. The answers I kept getting from everybody was, there’s nothing else we can do for you. For the next 6 years I really just kind of suffered through this awful, excruciating, burning pain in my face. I came in one day just to get a filling fixed, I think, and Dr. Takacs mentioned the TruDenta program, that it was getting ready to start here and she asked if I was interested in trying it. At that point I thought, “I really have nothing to lose at this point.”

I came in once a week for about 12 weeks and it involved measuring my range of motion in my jaw and my neck. Every week we tested that, we also looked at my bite, analyzed where some problem areas were that could be causing me to tense up and maybe make the pain worse. Joy was able to do a series of therapy every week that started with cold laser, ultrasound therapy, as well as message and TENS unit. The combination of all four of those, as well as some essential oils, lotions, that she uses. I don’t know why it works but at the end of those 12 weeks, my pain went from about a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10, to about a one.

During TruDenta it was great. Joy, Shawna, and even Dr. Takacs, they really became my friends through the whole process, not just my doctor and staff. I looked forward to coming in every week, they took really good care of me. Since TruDenta, it’s been about three years, and I’ve been pretty much pain free. I’ve been able to read again and I actually now get paid to read and write reviews for a popular magazine. They not only took my pain level down to where it was completely manageable but they also gave me my dream job.

The work I have received here at Beaumont Family Dentistry has been outstanding. They helped me identify the fact that I have sleep apnea, and through the work of my dentist here in [inaudible 00:00:15] things are getting better. I’m sleeping better. I have a diagnosis, and I have a path to successfully improve my dental work.

My name is Ray spots and hassling Bea menus that rights use their the bed device make so much noise in my wife when that sleep in the same bed with and so came and I can take his told me she said you know whatshe tries that’ll they were getting sleepy a and that site headed for their learning else equipment professional when things were here and I tried it their all the rights and guess what my wife sleep in the same with me and that is where what I really appreciate IQ takers them she’s a true professional this this whole outfit race you rounded is a true professional is really appreciate hurt by some as as you help me yes and that everything is going very smoothly with this new device but thank you doctor today.


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