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Dental Crowns and Bridges in Lexington, KY

Dr. [Higgin-Batham 00:00:00] makes me feel very comfortable. She always makes sure that I’m satisfied with the work that I’ve had done here. I received a crown on the front tooth, which I was very nervous about. I was very selective about the dentist that I went to because I was very concerned about how that would look when I smiled and was very concerned about my smile. She made sure that it was the right color and the right size, and no one can tell. No one knows that I have a crown on my front tooth. I much more confident. I was always very conscious about my smile and would not smile when I would meet people, and so now I don’t even think about it. I enjoy my smile, and I think it looks great.

Dental crowns and dental bridges are some of the most time-tested, reliable dental restorations we offer. Common problems, such as a tooth damaged by decay or injury, or a lost tooth, can be fixed using a crown or fixed bridge. We also offer inlays and onlays, dental restorations that can take care of small problems that don’t yet require a crown, but that are too large for a filling.

CEREC Same-Day Crowns

What is a dental crown? Dental crowns are custom-designed pieces of tooth-colored and -shaped porcelain (or other material) that are used to restore damaged teeth. You may need a crown due to:

  • Severe damage or decay
  • Root canal therapy
  • Large fillings that need to be repaired
  • Cosmetic purposes

A crown could be necessary when a patient breaks a tooth. Sometimes we’re able to save that tooth rather than take it out. Sometimes a patient has a very large filling that needs to be replaced and we can’t replace it with another filling or else it will weaken the tooth, so in that case we can get a crown on that tooth, but really, the advantage of the CEREC restoration is with that tooth that is broken. You can come in and have a tooth that you walk away with that is a final, permanent restoration rather than something that we have to again, wait on to come back from a lab.

Crowns are also used for cosmetic purposes to improve your smile or to cover badly stained teeth. They are also used to improve your bite and jaw health.

Our office uses CEREC technology to take impressions of your mouth and craft a custom crown for a perfect, beautiful fit. These crowns are all porcelain – you won’t ever have to worry about small strips of metal showing at your gumline. While 90 percent of the crowns we do are CEREC crafted, we also offer e.max and BruxZir solid zirconia crowns for certain cases that require them.

Dental Bridges

Someone is missing a tooth, and they have teeth on either side of that. For the bridge, essentially we’re putting crowns on the two adjacent teeth. Then, in that space where that tooth is missing, we have a crown that’s resting on the gums there. Some of those bridges we’re able to make here in the office using the CEREC technology. We can also do same-day bridges. Sometimes we do have to send those out to a lab. We’re able to take impressions with CEREC rather than using the goopy impressions of the past. Again, more accurate compressions, more accurate restorations.

What is a dental bridge? A fixed dental bridge is comprised of a filler tooth that’s attached to two crowns that fit over existing teeth and hold the bridge in place. A fixed dental bridge is non-removable and offers a very aesthetic, natural replacement for missing teeth.

A crown is a full-coverage restoration for a tooth. Once the filling gets so big and there’s not a lot of tooth structure left, it kind of inherently weakens what tooth structure is left, and you’re more likely to end up breaking the tooth. That calls for a crown. What we do, we drill around the tooth, and the crown sits on top of the prep.

A bridge is a great option when you’re missing a tooth. You use both teeth on either side of the space to fill the space, so you have three crowns that are all attached and they sit on the two abutment teeth and fill in the space where the tooth is missing.

An implant-supported bridge is a dental prosthesis used to replace three or more teeth. It is anchored to the jaw using dental implants. This type of bridge is also extremely aesthetically pleasing. However, this type of dental bridge is actually better for your overall oral health because it preserves your jawbone density. Fixed bridges are not secured into your jaw, allowing the bone underneath to deteriorate with time. Because implant-supported bridges are anchored, they help to maintain the bone. Talk to your dentist about which type of bridge is right for you.

When I was a young girl I had a very bad dental experience and it, kind of, hindered my adult dental experience. I had a lot of work done that wasn’t necessarily needed and it cost me problems in my adult life with my teeth and when I came in and they laid the plan out, I was a little but nervous. But then after I got it done it was so much better. They did crowns and bridge. It’s amazing. It has improved my smile big time. I don’t worry about the gaps in my teeth, when I smile you could see the gaps, and you can’t see those anymore.

Everyone was so nice and so professional. They told everything they were gonna do, how they were gonna do it, the timeline and everything was just so easy and so comfortable. Just a great experience all around. It’s improved my smile because I smile a lot more now than I used to and it’s improved with my eating because I was only able to chew on one side. Now, I can chew on both sides.

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are dental restorations that are used to repair damage that is too minute for a crown, but too extensive for a filling. Inlays are made of a composite material (similar to a filling) and are used to fill in inner biting surface of the tooth. Onlays are larger and cover both the biting surface and cusps of the tooth. These restorations can be used to save a tooth from further damage, such as something that may require a crown to repair.

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