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Bone Grafting Procedures in Lexington, KY

When a patient needs bone grafting, it’s just actually acting like a scaffold to build the bone back up. When you remove a tooth, we have an open hole, so we need to make sure that we have something to help that bone fill in. A bone graft goes in, just truly acts like a scaffold, and once your body starts to heal, it takes over and becomes yours. Then you have a nice framework for something to sit in there. That something is usually an implant. The implant goes into that area.

Oftentimes, we’re actually able to place an implant in and some bone graft material around it to help that all heal together, comes together and holds. It’s beautiful what we can do with bone graft. We have different materials as well. We oftentimes use synthetic bone or something that is more comfortable for each patient, so we have to ask those questions and make sure that we tailor it to the patient’s needs and wants.

What is bone graft? At Beaumont Family Dentistry, we offer many options for replacing lost or extracted teeth. But what if you are considering dental implants but are concerned about the condition of your jawbone? Our dental bone graft procedure can help you get the strong, beautiful smile you desire.

Why You Might Need a Bone Grafting Procedure

All types of dental implants require a certain level of jawbone to be available to place the implant. Even our mini implants, which are designed to be easier to place and require less bone, require a foundation on which to stand. When you get dental implants, the prosthetic tooth root (the implant) is inserted directly into your gum and allowed to fuse to your jawbone. This fusion creates a strong foundation for your replacement tooth. However, if there is not enough bone to support the implant, we cannot place it. This is where our bone grafting procedure comes in.

Our dental bone grafting procedure is designed to help build up the bone to a level adequate for dental implant placement. This means literally adding material to your jawbone in order to add thickness and stability. This new material will fuse with your existing bone to create a the necessary foundation for a dental implant.

How Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

Dental implants are our most reliable form of teeth replacement. Because of their very nature, dental implants are strong and long-lasting. If you are considering dental implants, but wonder if having to undergo a bone grafting procedure is worth it – don’t worry. A bone graft is a fairly simple procedure and will allow you to reap all of the benefits of implants. Below are just some of the ways dental implants will improve your quality of life:

  • They are beautiful. Want to fix that unsightly gap? Our beautifully crafted replacement teeth are specially designed to look as realistic as possible.
  • They are strong. Dental implants can replace almost 100 percent of your natural chewing power. They look and act just like your natural teeth!
  • They promote a healthy mouth. If you need a bone graft, chances are you have lost bone due to gum disease or living for an extended amount of time without teeth. Placing dental implants will help to preserve what bone exists and ward off future problems.
  • They will improve your self-confidence. Want to feel better about your smile? Dental implants will help you look and feel great!

Our Dental Sedation Options

If you are considering dental implants and know you will need a dental bone graft, understand that we can help make you comfortable during the procedure. We offer three levels of dental sedation that we use regularly to help our patients relax and feel at ease during treatment. These three levels of sedation are inhaled, oral, and IV sedation. Inhaled sedation probably would not be a good solution for oral surgery, but it is great for helping nervous patients relax during less complicated procedures. Oral sedation, a medication that allows the patient to feel very comfortable and possibly even drowsy, and IV sedation, a substance that creates a sleep-like state, might work well for oral bone grafting and implant placement. It will ultimately be up to you and your doctor to determine which method of sedation is right for your situation.

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