Fastbraces® in Leestown Lexington Means a Shorter Path to a Straight Smile

Like many of our patients, you may be searching for a better teeth-straightening solution than traditional metal braces. You just found it! Fastbraces® from Beaumont Family Dentistry in Leestown Lexington gives you superior orthodontic treatment in a fraction of the time. Drs. Higginbotham and Miller are all Fastbraces® affiliates, having received special training in this revolutionary method. Fastbraces® treatment will give you all these benefits over regular braces:

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  • A straight smile in as little as 3 to 12 months.
  • Easier, more comfortable orthodontic care.
  • Fewer office visits that equal less travel time and expense.
  • Brackets that blend in better with your teeth.
  • An elastic wire that requires fewer changes.

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Discover the Unique Qualities of Fastbraces®

Fastbraces® broke onto the orthodontics scene over 20 years ago, forever changing how people think about straightening their teeth. Over the years, many thousands of patients have used its technology to achieve their dream smiles. Dr. Takacs often recommends this method of orthodontics for adults and teens 13 and older who need greater tooth movement than they can get with Invisalign.

This innovative approach is different because it straightens the crowns and roots of your teeth simultaneously. Treatment with traditional braces usually takes at least two years because it focuses on moving the crowns during the first year and the roots in the second year.

The technology behind Fastbraces® involves patented triangular brackets and a heat-activated wire that work on both the crowns and the roots right from the beginning of your treatment. Plus, these quick braces cause less tooth sensitivity, making your care more comfortable than standard metal braces. Our patients love that this method produces fantastic results quickly, efficiently, and with less hassle. You could achieve your new smile in just a few months, not two or three years!

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