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Crooked teeth can make you self-conscious and embarrassed to smile. No matter your age or where you’re at in life, everyone wants a straight, healthy-looking smile. The professionals at Beaumont Family Dentistry in Leestown Lexington will use orthodontics to help you achieve it. We offer several types of orthodontic solutions that can:

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  • Allow you to smile with more confidence and self-assuredness.
  • Help children avoid future treatment with full braces.
  • Give you an advantage in your career or professional life.
  • Work with your situation to minimize your treatment time.
  • Fit into your life discreetly and help you avoid embarrassment.

Don’t put off getting your dream smile. Call us today at 859-554-4049 for new patients, or call at 859-368-8260 for existing patients to schedule your appointment. We’re located at 100 Trade St., Ste. 175 – near the Masterson Station area.

Choose Orthodontic Care That’s Right For You

There are many types of people, and the same orthodontic care won’t work for everyone. That’s why we offer several treatments to give you a straight smile and loads of new confidence!

Invisalign is our flagship orthodontic treatment. Both teens and adults love this method’s clear, metal-free teeth aligners. They are molded into smooth plastic and slide snugly over your teeth for a comfortable fit. Treatment is fast and many patients complete their Invisalign care in as little as 12 months.

Plus, you can easily remove the aligners for special occasions and pop them back in later. Since they’re clear, people probably won’t even notice you’re wearing them if you don’t point them out.

We also offer clear ceramic braces, sometimes called “invisible braces.” These are similar to traditional metal braces, except that the brackets are made from non-metal, clear ceramic, making them more aesthetically pleasing. Although a metal wire is still used, many patients prefer this type of orthodontic treatment over traditional metal braces, especially if they aren’t a good candidate for Invisalign.

Our quickest teeth straightening method is called Fastbraces®. This revolutionary treatment uses triangular brackets and a heat-activated wire to straighten your teeth crowns and roots at the same time.

While standard braces move the crowns and roots in separate phases, the Fastbraces® technology combines these phases and shortens your treatment time. Instead of two or three years to achieve a straight smile, Fastbraces® treatment can take as little as three months!

Kids can also benefit from our orthodontic expertise. Your child should have their first orthodontic exam around age 6 or 7. If we see any signs of teeth or jaw alignment problems, preventive orthodontics (Phase I orthodontics) may be recommended. Space maintainers or other oral appliances can help prepare your child’s mouth for braces later on. In some cases, we can even prevent the need for full orthodontic treatment (Phase II treatment).

Dentofacial orthopedics will gently guide your child’s jaw growth to ensure the development of normal bone structure in their face and jaw. We use oral appliances and other techniques to give them a better bite and teeth alignment, and to prepare their jaw for Phase II orthodontic treatment. We often begin this process during Phase I treatment and continue it during their braces treatment.

Orthodontics from Beaumont Family Dentistry can give you and your family strong, confident smiles! Call us today for an appointment: 859-554-4049 for new patients, 859-368-8260 for existing patients.

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