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I’m Scared of the Dentist | Lexington, KY

Dental anxiety, I have dental anxiety and I’ll be the first to tell a patient that when they come in, if they’re afraid, they had a bad experience. At some point in time when they were younger, something happened that they were afraid or maybe they never went but they always heard stories. We let them know that we understand what’s going on. We have ways that we can help you get past that.

Some people are even so afraid that they’ll come in just to let us look without a mirror, without even anything. We may be able to take x-rays but we have the capability to either give them Valium before they come in with some [inaudible] which is happy gas or actually do oral sedation where they take a pill the night before and right before they come in or IV sedation. We have every possible way that we can make them comfortable. The sedation aspect plus with the massage therapist here plus with headphones and warm blankets and paraffin and everything that we can do to make them comfortable, we’re going to do.

If you are nervous or scared of the dentist, you are not alone. Many, many people feel some form of anxiety when considering a trip to a dental office. With today’s technology and a friendly and compassionate staff, you can be comfortable and get the care you need. Below are some of the ways our practice works hard to make sure you are relaxed and at ease during your visit.

Sedation Options

A lot of times there’s a lot of people who are nervous about dental treatment. We try to offer different options for them to control their anxiety. Most importantly, we want them to feel comfortable with us. We try to talk to them, reassure them that everything will be fine, that their treatment will go smoothly. They will be totally numb, so we want them to feel comfortable with that. If they’re still having a little bit of anxiety, we offer different options in terms of anesthesia. We can do [inaudible], which is just you’re just breathing it in through your nose. It just relaxes you, but it’s great because you breathe oxygen for five minutes at the end of the treatment, and you’re totally back to normal. You don’t need a driver, you can drive yourself home. It just really helps to calm you down during the procedure.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more, we can do oral sedation. You’d take a pill the night before, and in the morning of. You come in, and you can still talk to us, but you’re just a little bit sleepy. Just a little bit out of it. Most people are really comfortable with that. If you’re extreme anxiety, we have the IV sedation option. Again, with that, you need a driver, but that’s a great option for people who are really nervous about their treatment, or have a lot of treatment that needs to be done at one time.

Sometimes promising pain-free dentistry is all it takes to relieve dental anxiety. Our practice offers three forms of sedation that allow us to make you comfortable during any type of treatment. If you are simply scared of being in pain, you don’t have to worry – our doctors will do whatever they can to help you feel at ease.

  • Inhaled Sedation – Great for kids! Inhaled to create a relaxed sense of awareness. Take the edge off of your nerves with inhaled sedation.
  • Oral Conscious – Taken orally to create a deeper sense of comfort. Patients who take oral sedation usually doze throughout the procedure, but can be easily woken by a gentle shake.
  • IV Sedation – Administered by a licensed professional. Creates a sleep-like state and most comfort possible. Learn more about our sedation options by visiting our service page.

Other Comfort Amenities

In addition to our sedation dentistry, we offer other comfort options that may help you feel more at home.

  • Pillows and Blankets – Relax and get comfortable. We offer soft pillows and blankets just for your pleasure.
  • Hand and Arm Massages – We offer professional massages during treatment in order to help you feel your best.
  • Private Operatories – Our Hamburg office offers private operatories to help you feel as relaxed as possible. Contact our Hamburg office here.
  • Refreshments – Enjoy a fresh-baked cookie or hot beverage while you wait.
  • Warm Towels – After treatment, refresh yourself with a warm towel.

These are just some of the ways we can help to relieve your dental anxiety and help you feel at home. Learn more about what we can do to help you feel comfortable here.

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