Restore Your Teeth With Same-Day Smile in Hamburg Lexington

Missing teeth can make your life much more difficult than necessary. You may understand struggles like social embarrassment and having to avoid certain foods. Beaumont Family Dentistry can change all that! You can get new teeth in just one appointment and never have to do without them again. With same-day smile from our Hamburg Lexington dentists, you can:

  • Show others a dazzling smile full of natural-looking teeth.
  • Eat a variety of delicious and nutritious foods.
  • Talk more clearly so you don’t have to repeat yourself.
  • Improve the condition of your oral health.
  • Chew more thoroughly and aid your digestion.

Call us to schedule your consultation for same-day teeth: 859-295-3938 for new patients, 859-687-0975 for existing patients. We’re on Sir Barton Way next to Forcht Bank – convenient for residents in and around the 40509 ZIP code.

Breathe New Life Into Your Smile Without the Wait

Dental implants are fantastic teeth restoration tools, and with advanced technological advances, you can get a brand new set of teeth in one appointment. You can walk out with new teeth the same day!

Cutting-edge technology will allow us to plan every detail of your procedure beforehand. Digital X-rays and a CT scanner will ensure your implants are precisely placed and your procedure goes smoothly. After inserting your implants, we will secure a set of replacement teeth to them using a system of snaps and balls. Your new implant-retained dentures will be ready for immediate use!

You can then face the world with a confident smile and eat all the foods you’ve been missing out on. Plus, your new implants will have the added benefit of protecting your jawbone against deterioration. Missing teeth often mean your jawbone will lose mass. However, implants slow this process and help your jaw maintain its proper shape.

Isn’t it time you enjoyed a full mouth of teeth again? With same-day smile, you can! Call us today at 859-295-3938 for new patients, or call at 859-687-0975 for existing patients to schedule a no-obligation consultation for a minimal diagnostic fee.

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