Mini Dental Implants in Hamburg Lexington Replace Teeth & Secure Dentures

Whether it’s a soft drink or a TV screen, bigger is often seen as better. Yet in some cases, mini dental implants are a better way to replace teeth than full-size dental implants. They work well for patients who lack enough bone density for traditional implants. They’re also a great choice for stabilizing dentures because our dentists can distribute the load among several mini implants.

Since they are smaller in diameter than full-size implants, they are:

  • Less Invasive – Our dentists make a small hole for these implants, so they are easier and faster to place. There is no cutting or stitching.
  • Faster to Heal – Instead of months, mini implants fully heal in just a few days.
  • More Comfortable – Since there is relatively little impact on your jawbone and the surrounding tissue, local anesthesia is enough for most patients.
  • More Affordable – They are usually less expensive than full-size implants.

To find out more about these smaller dental implants, call 859-295-3938 for new patients, or call 859-687-0975 for existing patients. Consultations with our implant dentists are available for a minimal diagnostic fee.

Mini Implants Can Give You a Same-Day Smile

Our dentists use mini implants to give patients a complete set of replacement teeth in just one appointment. The key to our same-day smile procedure is careful placement of implants so they can support load-bearing replacement teeth. We use computer-guided technology for perfect placement. If you lack enough bone for mini implants, our dentists can perform a bone graft.

After this implant surgery, you can show off your confident new smile right away. You’ll be able to chew and eat food too. You can get these replacement teeth in your upper jaw, your lower jaw, or both.

Don’t Worry About Discomfort With Dental Sedation

Because of the relatively noninvasive nature of a mini dental implants procedure, most patients require no more than local anesthesia. If you’re still nervous or concerned about discomfort, you can also get dental sedation. Unlike most general dentists, we offer three different kinds: inhaled sedation (“laughing gas”), oral sedation, and IV sedation.

To see if mini dental implants are the right solution for your smile, call 859-295-3938 for new patients, or call 859-687-0975 for existing patients Our Hamburg Lexington dentist office is located near the Regal Hamburg Pavilion Stadium 16 movie theater.

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