What Can Dental Implants Do For You?

You may have lived for years with missing teeth. You may have tried dentures, but now you want something more permanent.

You want to feel like you have a full set of teeth again, but maybe you don’t know how that’s possible. Help is closer than you think if you live in Central Kentucky.

Beaumont Family Dentistry has three Lexington area locations to serve you, and you can get dental implants at any of our offices. Implants can help your have a full, natural looking smile once again.

How implants can help

If you’ve heard of dental implants or not, you might be wondering how they can help you. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider implants instead of or in place of dentures.

Filling in the gaps — Next to your original teeth, dental implants are the best way to have a smile that looks healthy and natural. Just as important, implants fitted with crowns and bridges function and feel like your real teeth.

Taking pride in your smile — You can smile with confidence with implants whether you are getting together with family and friends or meeting someone for work. Implants can make you less self-conscious about yourself and your smile.

Eating what you like — Whether you are missing teeth or wearing dentures, you may not be able to eat anything you like. Dental implants can allow you to do that without worrying that something might get stuck or pop out.

Protecting your mouth — Implants also help protect your remaining healthy teeth and bone. Implants stimulate growth in your jawbone, which keeps it strong.

Lasting for a lifetime — With proper care, your implants can last you the rest of your life.

How implants work

Understanding your teeth will help you understand how implants work.

The root of your tooth serves as an anchor keeping it attached to the your jawbone. The crown of your tooth is the part that is visible to the world when you eat, talk, and smile.

The exterior of the crown is coated with protective enamel, which is the hardest substance in the human body. Inside the crown, you have dentin, which is made up of living cells that secrete harder substances.

Inside that dentin is pulp, a softer tissue where nerves and blood vessels run through your tooth.

If you suffered tooth decay or had cavities, you may have a tooth or teeth that have been damaged or even need to be removed. Or maybe you had a tooth knocked out as a result of an accident.

Dental implants replace the root of your tooth. Just like the root, they are anchored in your jawbone.

Implants are made of metal, usually titanium. After they are placed, you will need time to heal, but as you heal, the bone around the implant will secure it in place just like a natural tooth.

Types of implants

Implants provide a solid foundation whether you need to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or a full arch. An abutment is attached to the end of each implant.

Your crown (one tooth) or bridge (multiple teeth) will be bonded to the abutment, giving your mouth chewing power comparable to your original teeth.

We also offer mini-implants. These are secured in your jawbone as well, but they are smaller than traditional implants. This means you will heal faster after your placement surgery. These may be a good option if your jawbone is not dense enough for a full implant.

Implant-secured dentures are another alternative. If you have adhesive-secured dentures, you’ve probably had them come out a time or two (or more). This may affect what you eat or leave you feeling a little embarrassed.

A set of dentures that are attached to implants offer much greater security when your are eating and talking.

Learn more today

You shouldn’t worry about your next meal, and you deserve to be proud of your smile. Dental implants can take away your worries and restore your confidence in your teeth.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of dental implants or about the different types of implants, scheduled a free consultation with our team at Beaumont Family Dentistry.

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