The Secret to Reclaiming Your Oral Health

In a few days, dental professionals all over the world will be united in a global effort to raise awareness about building a healthier smile.

March 20 is World Oral Health Day, and as your experienced Lexington dental team, we know as well as anyone what keeps more people from having healthy teeth and gums than almost any other problem.

It’s fear… fear of dentists, fear of painful treatment, fear of being judged for the deterioration of their dental health.

That’s why we’re so glad you found our blog today!

We thought the best way to celebrate World Oral Health Day was to share one of the secrets to reclaiming your smile, your health, and your quality of life so that fear doesn’t control you anymore.

Watch this video to hear from Dr. Golibersuch, one of our caring dentists at Beaumont Family Dentistry. Here, he explains our dental sedation options that not only help anxious patients relax during appointments but will completely change the way you experience dental care moving forward!

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