The Right Dental Crown When You Need It

You shouldn’t have to wait any longer than necessary to restore your smile. Your broken tooth can be fixed in a single visit to the dentist office.

That is if you go to one of the three Beaumont Family Dentistry offices in Lexington, KY. We offer CEREC same day dental crowns at each of our locations because we believe you deserve to fix your smile today, not weeks from now.

CEREC is an abbreviation for ceramic restoration, and it’s a remarkably effective and efficient system for repairing damaged teeth in less time.

If you could use a dental crown, call or contact our dentists online to make an appointment as soon as you are able.

The Backyard Broken Tooth

Imagine you are watching your kids in the backyard. Everything seems to be going fine until your sons start to fight. (This happens far too often it seems considering they are both teenagers.)

Before you can get them to stop shouting at one another, your oldest son pushes his younger brother, who loses his balance and falls face first into a fence post.

That finally stopped the shouting, but the look on your oldest son’s face told you there was another problem. As you approach, you notice your youngest son is bleeding from the mouth and looking at something in his hand.

Turns out, this was part of a tooth. He broke it in the fall. As much as you feel like letting both of them know exactly how you feel, but you call Beaumont Family Dentistry instead.

After scheduling an appointment for later that day, the person on the phone explains what you should do for your son in the meantime.

You have him rinse his mouth to clean the blood from his mouth. Then you get some dental wax to cover his broken tooth until he can see the dentist.

(You also use this time to explain to both your sons why you are disappointed in their behavior.)

Getting A Dental Crown At Our Dentist Office

By going to Beaumont Family Dentistry, your son can have his tooth fixed before you leave.

The dentist checks to make sure there aren’t any other issues that may have developed as a result of his fall.

The dentist explains that he a dental crown is the best solution. This will restore the appearance of your son’s tooth and maintain the function at the same time.

After making a digital impression of your son’s mouth, that information is fed into a computer. This information guides the creation of your son’s crown.

Our CEREC in-office milling machine uses the information from the scan to turn a piece of porcelain into a dental crown while you wait.

The dentist reshapes your son’s injured tooth to form an abutment. When the CEREC crown is ready, the dentist bonds it to your son’s tooth.

When you see it, you are surprised at how closely it matches the rest of your son’s teeth. You also realize if you hadn’t seen it yourself, then you might not know which of his teeth wasn’t real.

Of course, that’s not what you talk to your son’s about on the ride home.

Getting A Dental Crown At Another Dentist Office

Now imagine the same scenario playing out when you didn’t call Beaumont Family Dentistry.

Instead, you make an appointment at a dentist office that does not offer CEREC crowns.

When you arrive, the dentist examines your tooth and recommends a dental crown. The first step is using a wax mold to make an impression of your son’s teeth. The dentist explains that they will send this to the dental laboratory that will make his crown.

The dentist will reshape your son’s tooth and give him a temporary crown to cover the tooth until the permanent crown is ready. They tell you they will call when the crown is ready. Normally, it takes a couple weeks, the dentist says.

In the meantime, your son has to wear the temporary crown. He needs to be careful when eating so it doesn’t pop off accidentally. He also has to be more careful than usual during practices and games, so he doesn’t get the crown knocked out.

When you do finally return to the dentist, you make your oldest son go, too, since you want both your sons to understand the consequences of their argument turning physical.

During the second visit, your son finally gets his permanent crown, and life can go back to normal for your family.

Save Yourself Some Time

A dental crown doesn’t have to take weeks. You can get one in a single visit by coming to Beaumont Family Dentistry. We have three offices in Lexington, but we treatment patients from Harrodsburg and everywhere in between.

To find out if a dental crown could help you or someone you love, call or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.