Stride Out Of Summer With A Smile Makeover

Holiday party season will be here before you know it. As the days grow shorter and cooler, the nights grow longer and packed with events. Fall means harvest festivals, football games, Halloween parties, and Thanksgiving celebrations. And for some, the autumn party season is just a warm-up for winter.

It may sound crazy to talk about holiday parties while the temperature in Lexington, KY is still warm enough for t-shirts and shorts, but we’re all about planning ahead at Beaumont Family Dentistry. Are you going to spend another holiday season hiding your smile with your hand, a napkin, or a drink?

Join us in planning ahead. Get your smile makeover from Beaumont Family Dentistry before you’re too busy celebrating.

Make Over Your Smile To Gain Control Over Your Gums

For some, nothing says fall like selfies during a UK football game. Do you spend game day wishing you could hide behind a helmet? If your smile is all gums, you might be too embarrassed to show how happy you are at every touchdown.

With laser gum reshaping, we can even out your smile in no time. This painless procedure involves removing excess gum tissue to expose more of your teeth. Make the focus your pearly whites, not your shiny pinks!

An exposed root can feel as ugly as it looks. When too much of your tooth is exposed for others to see, it’s also exposed to decay-causing bacteria. In addition to having teeth that look as big as a Thoroughbred’s, you may find that certain food and beverages are too hot or cold for you to tolerate.

Before you swear off cold cider or hot chocolate, come see one of our doctors certified in the state-of-the-art Chao Pinhole Surgical® Technique. You can avoid scalpels and donor tissue with this procedure, and you’ll enjoy a quicker recovery time than you would with traditional gum grafts.

A Smile Makeover Can Bring out the Best in Your Teeth

Teeth can show the effects of unlucky genetics, a lifetime of wear and tear, and reckless choices. But they don’t have to stay that way. You can restore your teeth to their best shape and color without having to do a whole lot of work.

  • Tooth contouring uses a pain-free laser to remove excess tooth enamel. We can eliminate bumps, lumps, and whatever’s got you down in the dumps. Minor deformities can be smoothed out as we bring harmony to your smile.
  • Whitening products from your dentist will always be stronger than what you pick up at the drugstore. Come see us for a powerful in-office KöR whitening treatment to get a brighter smile sooner.
  • If the problem is what’s missing – like pieces of your teeth or a place where they should be touching – we can quickly and affordably correct it with tooth bonding. We form a putty-like resin to match the look of your natural tooth (only without the chips and stains!), then set it with a light.

Some smiles need a little more work than others. If contouring, whitening, or bonding isn’t enough to give you the grin you want, we’ll take a look at your bite and come up with the best plan for correcting your alignment.

  • Invisibly straighten your teeth with Invisalign. Our custom-fitted aligners will give you a symmetrical smile while you still enjoy your favorites foods.
  • Should you need something a little stronger than Invisalign, we recommend Fastbraces®. Keep the metal to a minimum by straightening your teeth in less than a year.

“Reboot” Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers

Have you ever wanted to give your grin a do-over? That’s exactly what porcelain veneers are. These thin shells, made of stain-resistant porcelain, adhere to your teeth and mask a multitude of flaws.

To begin, we will remove a little bit of the enamel from your existing teeth. Not only does this help the veneers stick, but it also makes sure you don’t end up with abnormally large chompers. You want to look like Minnie Driver, not Minnie Mouse!

Then we just place your veneers over the teeth you need to be covered, and voilà! A beautiful new smile in two simple steps. No pain, no bleach, no braces.

Stop Waiting for the Right Time to Makeover Your Smile

Life doesn’t get less busy as time goes on. Stop saying you’ll take care of yourself “after the holidays” or some other nonspecific time. You deserve a beautiful smile now.

Call Beaumont Family Dentistry to schedule your free smile makeover consultation. We understand how busy you are, so we’ll work with you to find a time and day that works for your schedule. We’ll also partner with you in creating a plan that meets your goals, needs, and budget.

At this year’s fall festival, make sure the only yellow on your teeth is from eating corn on the cob. Just be sure to floss when you’re done!