A Spring Cleaning For Your Smile

More than half of adults participate in some sort of spring cleaning in their home, according to a recent survey. And if you’re among those that will be dusting and decluttering this season, that’s great! You’ll be able to relax knowing that everything with your house is in order.

The same is true when it comes to the health of your smile. Regular checkups and dental cleanings can help you know that your oral health is where it should be — allowing you to enjoy peace of mind. So, the team at Beaumont Family Dentistry wanted to remind you that spring cleaning should extend to your smile!

Not only do these regular visits allow us to detect the earliest signs of tooth decay and gum disease. They also give us the opportunity to thoroughly remove bacterial buildup from the surfaces of your teeth and your gum line.

Read on to learn more about the role dental exams play when it comes to preventative care. Then, if you’re due for a six-month dental checkup, call one of our three convenient locations in Lexington, KY!

Early Detection For Timely Intervention

Tooth decay and gum disease are two of the most common dental complications experienced by adults. In fact, 92 percent of adults experience cavities and roughly half of adults are living with some form of gum disease! In the beginning, both of these conditions are relatively minor and easy to fix. But the problem is that many people don’t realize they’re living with cavities and gum disease until they’re in pain or have suffered significant damage because of it!

Sure, you could study up on the warning signs of tooth decay and gum disease so you can be vigilant — we actually encourage that! But it’s an even better idea to have a team of talented dental professionals helping you look for these signs. And the best way to do that is committing to seeing the dentist once every six months.

At Beaumont Family Dentistry, we combine our passion and know-how with the latest in dental technology to bring you excellent preventative care. For example, our state-of-the-art DIAGNOdent laser allows us to pick up on the earliest signs of tooth decay! When we catch problems early, we can address them in a timely manner — such as with tooth-colored fillings for cavities or non-surgical gum disease treatments — and help prevent you from having to undergo costly curative treatments down the road.

Knowledge Is Power

Patient education has always been a priority for Dr. Takacs. She believes that when you have the proper information, you’re in a better position to make great decisions about your own dental health. That’s why we use detailed digital X-rays and an intraoral camera to help you better understand your oral health.

And of course, questions are always encouraged. Our compassionate team is willing to take the time necessary to help you feel confident in the decisions you’re making. We want to help you take ownership of your smile!

Thorough Cleanings

One of the most important parts of your routine dental exam is the professional cleaning. This gives us the opportunity to remove any tartar (hardened plaque) that has set up shop on your teeth since your last visit. The presence of bacterial buildup increases your risk of tooth decay and gum disease, and tartar typically can’t be safely removed with regular brushing and flossing.

At Beaumont Family Dentistry, our hygienists use ultrasonic cleaners to perform this part of the appointment. These tools are more comfortable and more effective than traditional hand tools. After all is said and done, your teeth will look shinier and feel smoother than they did when you walked in!

A Comprehensive Exam

At Beaumont Family Dentistry, we believe that your oral health is closely tied to your overall well-being. That’s why as part of your routine checkup, we’ll check your mouth for abnormalities, which can be a sign of oral cancer. When caught early, oral cancer has a high survival rate.

We also give our adult patients a blood pressure scan. Studies suggest that your blood pressure is linked to the health of your gums!

Schedule Your Spring Dental Cleaning Today

Proper at-home dental hygiene — such as brushing twice a day and flossing once a day — are effective at preventing gum disease and tooth decay. But even if you’re the most diligent brusher in the world, at-home care isn’t enough to ensure a healthy smile.

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen the dentist, give us a call! We want you to be able to enjoy a beautiful smile for years to come. Simply contact any of our three locations, or use our online form to request an appointment.