Smile Like A Rock Star With Dental Veneers

Hello and welcome to our online home. We can’t wait to see your smiling face in one of our chairs sometime soon. And if there is something bothering you about your smile, here is what you need to know: Dr. Takacs offers free cosmetic dentistry consultations, so you’ve got nothing to lose by talking to the Beaumont Family Dentistry team about how you would like to boost the appearance of your smile. We have the tools, training, and technology at our disposal that can take your teeth and gums wherever they need to go. Keep reading to hear how one of our smile makeover solutions, dental veneers, can make you feel like a rock star in no time. Then be sure to contact us to get started!

What Makes For A Great Smile?

Let’s face it, appearance matters. And in this day and age, there is a sense that people with “bad teeth” just aren’t hip. There is a connotation that they are uneducated and unintelligent, unlike our heroes (rock stars, actors, and the like) who usually turn up on TV and in magazines having everything we want in a smile: perfectly white, straight, and evenly spaced teeth. So, how do we normal people get in with the “in” crowd? One way to do it is with the help of dental veneers from Beaumont Family Dentistry!

Dental Veneers A Great Catchall Solution

We love this solution because it is so versatile. Here are some of the problems you can fix with dental veneers: broken and chipped teeth, crooked or crowded teeth, yellow or stained teeth, oddly shaped teeth, gapped teeth, and worn down teeth. When you have a variety of dental damage on display, pur veneers can fix any and all of those problems at the same time.

Getting Veneers Is Easy

When you first get here for your consultation, you will fill out a questionnaire. We will take pictures and talk about how you would like to improve your smile. Then we’ll get right to work.

If you opt to get porcelain veneers, we will have to prepare your teeth. During your first visit, we will numb your teeth before we remove a portion of your enamel. We do this so your mouth will look the same after the veneers are bonded to your teeth.

After the enamel is removed, we make impressions of your teeth. Those impressions are shared with the lab that will make your veneers. When they are ready, you’ll return to our office, and we will bond your veneers to your teeth. Then you will have achieved rock star status, as far as your smile goes!

Contact Us Today To Start The Process!

We hope that you have been inspired by today’s post. You could drastically improve your smile in a matter of a few weeks with veneers. We also offer Lumineers, so be sure to ask. All you have to do now is get in touch with any of our dental offices in Lexington, KY to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Takacs! We’ll take care of the rest.