What Is Sleep Dentistry All About?

This is a frequently asked question by many of our regular patients at Beaumont Family Dentistry. Here’s what we can tell you: we established the TMJ & Sleep Dentistry Center of Central Kentucky to help folks living in the Bluegrass region to get more and better rest, to deliver pain relief, and to allow our patients to experience a higher degree of wellness overall. In the realm of sleep dentistry, we tackle issues like snoring, headaches, bruxism/teeth grinding/TMJ-troubles, and so forth. Here’s what makes our place special: typical Lexington, KY area dentist’s offices probably see a sleep dentistry case once a month at most, while we are helping patients afflicted with sleep apnea or TMJ-related issues every day. And the best part is that, around here, we can utilize forward-looking solutions like TruDenta and custom-built oral appliances to give you complete relief from your discomfort. All you have to do is call 859-251-5115 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Takacs and get back to living an uninterrupted life!