Sharks On The Run

Beaumont Family Dentistry doctors help out at the Sandersville Elementary fun run

This month, doctors Higginbotham and Miller will be volunteering at the “Sharks on the Run” fun run that is to take place at Sandersville Elementary. They will be handing out water to the runners and volunteering where needed for this event. The fun run is to take place on Saturday, April 25, 2015, and will feature both 5K and 1 mile runs.

We here at Beaumont Family Dentistry are proud to be helping out at this fantastic event. Not only is it a brilliant way to spend a pleasant Saturday in the spring, but it is also a great way to encourage kids to live healthy and active lifestyles. Activities like these are great opportunities to get children excited about exercising and instill goods habits later down the road. Not to mention the emotional benefits that occur too; every child that we see participating in these fun runs have smiles from ear to ear and gain confidence from their athletic accomplishments.

Furthermore, every step they take during this fun run is also another step they are taking away from conditions and illnesses created by sedentary lifestyles. Health concerns deriving for obesity and high blood pressure can be avoided with a healthy diet and regular exercise. As health care professionals, we look out for the well-being of every part of a person, not just their teeth.

Come on out and support Our Dentists

We here at Beaumont Family Dentistry could not be more proud of our team here. Not only are they great at what they do in the office, but have golden hearts outside of the office. If you would like to come see Dr. Miller and Dr. Higginbotham hand out waters to the runners in the Lexington community, feel free to stop by the school and say hello. Beyond this, you can also look into volunteering for yourself at this event as help is always welcome. Simply reach out to the to the friendly staff at Sandersville Elementary by calling 859-554-1772 to learn how you can help too.