Save Your Smile Today With A Dental Crown

How valuable is your time?

If you could choose between making two trips to the dentist to complete a procedure or finishing that procedure in one visit, which would you prefer?

As much as we enjoy what we do at Beaumont Family Dentistry, we know people don’t look at coming to our office the same way they look at taking a vacation or going to a UK game.

While we try to make your visits with us as enjoyable as possible, we also know that people don’t really want to sit in a dentist’s chair more often than necessary.

We understand that. That’s why all three of our dentist offices in Lexington, KY, offer CEREC dental crowns.

Thanks to our on-site milling machines, we can complete your dental crown in a single appointment. This means you won’t need to take extra time off work or away from your family and friends.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is an abbreviation for ceramic reconstruction, and we can use this technology to create 90 percent of the dental crowns that we create for our patients.

The CEREC system is what allows us to created strong, durable dental crowns in a matter of a few hours. This is something you will appreciate if you should ever find yourself in need of a dental crown.

With CEREC, we take a cube of porcelain or similar materials. Computer-assisted technology allows us to use our milling machine to reshape that cube into a shape that looks remarkably like a real tooth when it is placed in your mouth.

How Is This Different From Other Dental Crowns?

It’s different in a couple ways.

First and foremost, it will save time.

At some other dentist offices, getting a dental crown is a two-step process, and those steps could be separated by weeks.

To get a dental crown, a dentist will reshape your tooth into what we call an abutment. This preserves the healthy parts of your tooth and provides an anchor point for your dental crown.

At our office, we can create your dental crown at this point, and before you leave, we can bond it in place. It can be that simple.

At other offices, the dentist will place an order with at dental lab to create your dental crown. Before you leave, he or she will place a temporary crown on your abutment. Hopefully, this temporary crown won’t come loose or break before your real crown arrives.

You will need to make a second appointment at those other dentist offices when your dental crown is ready. This is so the dental can bond the crown in place.

To review, you can do in one trip to our offices what can take two appointments with some other dentists.

The second way CEREC crowns are different is they are made with solid porcelain or porcelain with precious metals or zirconia on the inside for added strength.

At other dentist offices, dental crowns may be may by bonding porcelain to a metal base. The problem with this is that the metal base will sometimes peek out from your gumline, which makes it quite apparent which of your teeth isn’t real.

Reasons To Get A Dental Crown

Dental crowns are an excellent way to replace natural crowns that have been weakened in some way. With that in mind, here are some examples of when a dental crown is a good idea.

◼︎ Cavity — Now, the sooner you seek treatment for tooth decay, the simpler the solution will be. A small cavity can be handled with a filling. If the cavity grows too large, however, a dental crown will be a better solution.

◼︎ Replacing A Filling — Dental fillings don’t last forever. Often when they are replaced a small portion of your tooth needs to be removed before the new fillings are added. If your fillings have been replaced frequently, this too can weaken your teeth so that dental crown is a better option.

◼︎ Chipped Or Broken Teeth – Injuries and accidents can cause part of a tooth to break. Ad dental crown can be used to rebuild that tooth to its full shape and size.

◼︎ Root Canal Treatments — After the infection has been removed from the inside of your tooth, it needs to be sealed. A dental crown is a solid, safe, and secure way to achieve this.

Smile Again

A single damaged or decayed tooth can affect you and change your smile. A same-day dental crown from Beaumont Family Dentistry can help you regain your smile in less time.

To learn more about our dental crown or to make an appointment at one of our Lexington dentist offices, call the office closest to you or fill out the online form for that office.