Quick Way for Teens & Adults to Straighten Teeth

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Straight teeth are important. The smile is the first thing people notice whenever you meet them, so you’ll want your smile to look great. Beaumont Family Dentistry is a leading Lexington KY dental office, offering elite dental care for patients of all ages. This includes providing orthodontic options for adults and youngsters.

Beaumont Family Dentistry has three Lexington locations (Leestown, Hamburg, and Beaumont). We have helped countless patients straighten their teeth and achieve a great-looking smile. If you have crooked teeth or alignment issues, you might think that traditional metal braces are the only way to treat your issues.

Traditional braces are the gold standard of treatment, but not everyone needs extensive orthodontic treatment. Some of us have mild to moderate issues. One system we’re using is Fastbraces, a system that can straighten teeth in a matter of months — and hardly anyone needs to wear Fastbraces for a full year.

Dr. Takacs has trained extensively to safely offer Fastbraces for patients. In fact, she spends some of her time training others. She’s a Fastbraces Senior Master Affiliate and a trainer, so you know you’ll be in good hands when you come to our office. Dr. Takacs often uses Fastbraces for teens as young as 13 and many adults. We’ve found that patients — whether they are adults or children — are more accepting of treatment when it only takes a few months instead of a few years (which is often the case with traditional braces)

Here are some of the major advantages of Fastbraces:

  • Major tooth movement in as little as 20 weeks!
  • Less tooth resorption or root shortening
  • No wire changes
  • No extractions
  • Less sensitivity

How Fastbraces is so Quick

Fastbraces is one of the fastest braces treatment on the market. It’s been available for about 25 years, and the quickness is due to the design of the treatment. Fastbraces uses a unique triangular-shaped bracket and heat-activated wire. The purpose of this design is that it moves the root and crown at the same time. Traditional braces moves the root and crown in separate stages. Fastbraces does all of this at once. You might think that this makes the treatment more comfortable, but it’s not the case.

Our patients have found that the treatment is safe and comfortable. Not only is Fastbraces super quick, but after the treatment, you’ll only need to wear a retainer for about 15 to 20 minutes a day. Most orthodontic treatments require you to wear a retainer throughout much of the day, or while you sleep. That’s not the case for Fastbraces.

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