Powerful, Professional Teeth Whitening Products

“My teeth are disgusting.”

You may have thought that if you have taken a close look at your teeth in the mirror. You may have noticed how yellow your teeth have become. You may have noticed the stains developing on your teeth.

And once you see it, it’s hard not to wonder, “Are other people noticing this, too?”

Once that seed of a thought takes hold, it can sprout and grow. It can make you self-conscious about your smile. You may start to feel embarrassed or even ashamed of your teeth.

In most cases, it’s probably not as bad as you may be making it out to be in your mind, but you may still see a difference by having your teeth professionally whitened.

We offer two kinds of whitening products at Beaumont Family Dentistry in Lexington, and one of them may be just what you need to feel better about your smile once again.

Keeping It Clean

How clean is your house?

(If you are wondering why we are asking about your house in a dental post, just hang on for a moment. It will make sense if you keep reading.)

Each of us knows that it’s a good idea to keep our homes tidy and clean. What is considered clean may vary from person to person, however.

You may have friends whose homes look spotless whenever your stop by to see them, yet still apologize for the house “being a mess.”

At your own home, you have an expectation of how clean it should be. When the house gets too messy, you may set aside a few hours or a full day just to clean.

As you know, a house can get messy pretty quickly, which is why most of us try to make cleaning part of our regular routine.

To use this as an analogy for our oral health, it’s the reason we brush and floss every day (you are brushing and flossing every day, right?). We know that the thing we eat affect our teeth and our breath. We don’t want to leave food stuck between our teeth, and we want our breath to smell fresh.

Taking It Outside

Let’s think about cleaning our homes from a different perspective. How often do you clean the outside of your house?

If you bought vinyl siding, you probably remember how great it looked when you first got it. After a few years, the siding starts to accumulate dust and debris. This can cause the color or the brightness to seem faded.

But it happens so gradually, that you probably don’t notice the gradual changes. Several years later that you may decide that you need to clean up the exterior.

You could grab your garden hose a the spray attachment and get to work. How long do you think that will take to removes years and possibly decades of dust and grime?

If you wanted to save time and do a better job, you could buy or borrow a pressure washer. This tool can peel away decades of dirt in a fraction of the time it would take to do the same job with your garden hose.

The Outside Of Your Teeth

If we think about your smile like your house, then the front of your teeth is like the outside of your house.

You may brush and floss daily to keep your teeth presentable. Nevertheless, years of coffee, desserts, pasta sauces, soft drinks, tea, and pretty much anything else you eat or drink has created stains.

Yellow teeth happen as we get older. If you constantly expose your teeth to things that cause stains, eventually you will have stained teeth.

This is where teeth whitening products can help. The active ingredients can remove stains that have set it after decades of dining.

Now, if we can compare this to our house exterior, what do you think is like your garden hose? It’s the commercial teeth whitening products that you can buy at any grocery or retail store.

Will they work? To a degree, yes, but it might take longer than you would like. And you may never see the results that you want.

The “pressure washers” for your teeth are professional whitening products, like KöR whitening products available at any Beaumont Family Dentistry location.

These have higher concentrations of active ingredients than commercial products. This is what allows the professional products to work more quickly and more effectively than the over-the-counter stuff. It’s sort of like how a pressure washer and your garden hose both use water, but the pressure washer creates a more powerful spray to remove the dirt much faster.

It’s sort of like how a pressure washer and your garden hose both use water, but the pressure washer creates a more powerful spray to remove the dirt much faster.

Power Clean

If you would like to see how our professional teeth whitening can help you get your “pearly whites” back, make plans to visit one of our dentist office in Lexington.

Call our office in Beaumont Centre Circle, Leestown, or Hamburg or click on the name of that location to fill out an online appointment form.

We will be happy to answer any questions and explain how our in-office or take-home whitening treatments can give you a smile that you aren’t ashamed to share.