Minimize The Stress Of A Halloween Dental Emergency

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Fall parties and Halloween candy are so much fun, but this time of year can be a bit riskier for your teeth.

If your child has a misstep while trick-or-treating, you might have a crying little goblin on your hands who hurt their mouth or teeth at the worst possible time. Or maybe you’re biting down on a popcorn ball at a costume party, and you break your tooth on a kernel.

These things happen, but we’re giving you some tips on getting through such dental emergencies as smoothly as possible.

Our team at Beaumont Family Dentistry also wants to make sure you know you can count on us to provide assistance and dental treatment as soon as we can so you can get fast pain relief and your smile as good as new.

Minimize The Stress Of A Dental Emergency

Yes, any emergency is stressful. They aren’t planned, so by their very nature, an unexpected oral injury or pain inside your mouth forces you to drop everything and address the problem.

But there is a way to minimize the stress of the moment so you can stay calm and take the right steps to protect your smile.

First, eliminate the need to frantically search for an emergency dentist in Lexington! Save our phone number and store it in your contact list so you don’t have to spend a moment flipping through a phonebook or searching online for help.

Next, it helps to know what sort of problems with your teeth and gums might be considered an emergency so you don’t have to guess if you should visit a dentist right away. If you’re ever in doubt, you should never hesitate to give us a call!

Here are dental problems we’d want to treat sooner rather than later:

  • Tender, sore, or bleeding gums
  • A throbbing toothache that pain relievers aren’t helping
  • Inflammation or discomfort from an infected or abscessed tooth
  • Loss of oral function or painful chewing
  • Loose, knocked-out, or broken teeth or dental restorations

When You Need Help, Call Us!

Like most people, you probably take all the precautions necessary to prevent mishaps and accidents that affect your teeth. Still, we all know that dental emergencies happen regardless. When they do, you can keep a cool head knowing that your Lexington dentists are here for you! We do everything we can to make unexpected appointments a priority for patients who are in pain or need immediate dental care.

If you need assistance, call Beaumont Family Dentistry or schedule a non-emergency appointment online.