Live A Fuller Life With Dental Implants | Lexington, KY

When you are missing teeth, you are missing so much more.

You may not feel like smiling, which can leave you feeling unhappy. You may be going without foods that you enjoy because you can’t chew as well as you once could.

You may be missing out on activities with family and friends because you are ashamed of your teeth.

We want you to smile more, eat all the foods you love, and look forward to spending time with your loved ones. Dental implants can give you cosmetic and restorative dental benefits that can make you life more complete.

If you live in Central Kentucky, our dedicated staff at all three Beaumont Family Dentistry locations can show you want implants can do for you.

Benefits of implants

Consider for a moment how dental implants can improve your life. Here are just a few way they can help:

Protect you mouth — Implants are placed directly into your jawbone. This stimulates bone growth, which keeps it healthy, and that is good for your remaining teeth as well.

Fill in the gaps — Dental implants fill the void in your smile. When you have a tooth missing, you know it and you know other people notice what’s not there. Implants restore the look of a full set of teeth.

Take pride in your smile — When you close those gaps, you will probably want to smile more. You will also feel more confident posing for pictures and meeting new people when you aren’t worried about showing off your missing teeth.

Eat what you like — Do you miss steak? Apples? Nuts? Dental implants allow you to eat all the things you used to love when you had all your teeth.

How implants work

You’ve probably already met people with dental implants without knowing it. Unless someone tells you they have implants, you may never be any wiser.

Dental implants, which are usually made of titanium, replace the roots of your missing teeth. The root is the anchor of your tooth, holding it in position in your jaw.

Just like your roots, dental implants are placed in your jaw. As you heal, the jawbone grows and secures the implant in place. Once your recovery is complete, we can finish the process.

The crowns of your natural teeth are the parts that the world can see whenever you smile or open your mouth to talk or take a bite of food.

We will attach a dental crown, bridge, or arch of dentures to your dental implants. When everything is in place, it will look and work just like real teeth. You can get on with your life without any worries about what you eat or what other people are thinking when they see your teeth.

Advantages over dentures

If you are missing several teeth or an entire arch of teeth, you may be considering or already have dentures. Dental implants are stronger and more secure.

Where traditional dentures are secured with an adhesive, dental implants are held in place by your jawbone.

If you have dentures or know someone with dentures, then you know they can pop out when you are eating or even just while you are talking.

With implant-secured dentures, you’ll have a lot more confidence that everything will stay where it’s supposed to be. That means you can order whatever you’d like when you go out to eat.

Another alternative is our mini implants. These are smaller than our regular implants, which means you will heal quicker. That also means we can place your bridge or dentures quicker.

While these aren’t quite as secure as our other implants, they are much more stable than dentures held in place by an adhesive.

Working together with your primary dentist, we can create a bridge or full arch that gives you back you chewing power and won’t come loose the next time you are chatting in line at the grocery.

Time to make your appointment

If you’ve been thinking about dentures or dental implants, don’t put off your decision any longer. When you see and feel your implants, there’s a good chance you will wish you’d gotten them sooner.

Feel confident about your teeth. Feel confident about yourself. Call Beaumont Family Dentistry in Lexington today to schedule your appointment or to come in for a free consultation. Fill out our online form or call any of our Lexington offices to set up your visit.

Today is the day to restore your smile.