Lights! Camera! Smile!

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Hollywood held its annual Academy Awards at the end of February. Every year, millions of people tune in to see which actors will win awards based on the movies released during the previous year.

The show, much like the movies themselves, has become a major production. The “show before the show” starts with stars arriving on the red carpet to show off designer fashions and to flash their perfect smiles.

At Beaumont Family Dentistry, we consider our patients’ oral health more important than the movies, the actors, and the awards given to them.

You may not think about it, but your teeth have a big impact on your quality of life. They allow you to eat the foods that you like, and they affect how confident you feel, especially when you smile.

Like Hollywood studios, our dentists in Lexington have invested in equipment to keep your mouths healthy and your smiles looking their best.


When you think of Hollywood, you can’t help thinking of lights.

Directors use lighting techniques to help create the images we see on the screen. Spotlights call our attention to the things they want us to notice, and sometimes the lights are part of the story (like the weapons in Star Wars).

We have our own lights that we use in our office to help our patients. One example is our dental laser.

We use our laser for a few reasons. In general, it’s a great tool for treating soft-tissue problems.

Years ago, we would have had to perform surgery to help patients with severe gum disease. That involved cutting out more of their healthy gum tissue to be certain that the infected tissue was removed.

With dental lasers, this process has become simpler and more accurate. Thanks to our dental laser, we can target the infected tissue with much greater precision.

By zapping the infected areas, we preserve more of your healthy tissue. The laser also seals your tissue, which reduces bleeding and speeds up your recovery time.

Lasers also provide sanitary benefits. We use them to kill the bacteria that cause your gum disease and to clean the inside of an infected tooth during a root canal procedure.

Yet another way we use dental lasers is to cut the tissue that form tongue-ties and lip-ties in infants. This is a painless treatment, and it saves babies from a lifetime of problems.


Hollywood directors know that the type of cameras they use affect the appearance of their movie on the big screen. Some cameras create sharper images, and others create a more surreal effect.

In our offices, we use an intraoral camera to examine your teeth in greater detail than ever before.

If you’ve ever looked through a microscope, then you know that it allows you can see things that you couldn’t see with your naked eye. Our intraoral cameras give us that same kind of benefit when we are examining your teeth.

With the magnified images, we can identify problems earlier than ever. This allows us to treat those problems even earlier, which makes your treatments more effective and, in many cases, less invasive.

But what is a camera really? It’s a tool used to create images that capture moments in time. So, in a way, you could say that our digital X-ray machines and our CT scanners are like cameras, too.

These create images of our patients’ teeth and supporting bone structure. These images help us spot tooth decay, identify impacted teeth, recognize misaligned teeth, and determine the right placement for dental implants.


When a director is ready to begin filming, he or she will call, “Action” on the set. The best action we can see in our office is when our patients smile.

We know this is more likely to happen when your teeth are healthy, and you are comfortable with the appearance of your teeth.

Our team is committed to providing comprehensive care to all our patients. We want you teeth to look their best, and we do that with a combination of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic services.

You Are The Stars

When you come into our office, we believe you deserve to be treated like a star. At Beaumont Family Dentistry, we know that you are the reason we do what we do.

The dentists at each of our Lexington-area offices want you to feel special whenever you visit us. We know we’ve succeeded when we see your smiles.

To have your next big moment in our spotlight, call the office closest to you or fill out an online form to make an appointment.