Keep Smiling with Fluoride & Dental Sealants

You already know that family dentistry is important to us.

It’s right there in our name — Beaumont Family Dentistry — and we’ve been helping families in and around Lexington, KY improve and maintain their oral health for decades.

You also know if you read our blog regularly that we are big advocates for preventive dental care. This goes well beyond dental cleanings, exams, and X-rays, however.

Don’t get us wrong, those things are extremely important, just like your daily oral hygiene routine. But there is more we can do — more that you can do — to reduce your family’s risk of tooth decay and infected gums.

Today we want to discuss dental sealants and fluoride treatments, and how they could keep you smiling for many years to come. To get either or both of these services, make an appointment an any of our three locations.

Dental Sealants

If you are a parent, you know that kids are expensive. You love them, and you would do anything to keep them healthy and happy. But they are not cheap.

This is one of the reasons we advocate preventive dentistry. The cost of regular dental cleanings and exams is small compared to the cost of fixing multiple cavities or treating infected gums.

You also know kids don’t always do the things that they should. They will eat too much sugar if they have a chance, and they may not always brush and floss as well as they should.

This might explain why just over half of kids between the ages of 6 and 11 have cavities, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Dental sealants provided an added level of defense. Sealants create a barrier between teeth and the harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay and cavities.

The American Dental Association reports that sealants reduce the risk of developing cavities in molars by 80 percent. Molars are the large teeth used to chew and grind food. They are also the teeth that are most likely to develop cavities.

As effective as sealants are, only 43 percent of kids have them. When compared to the cost of dental fillings or dental crowns, sealants are a bargain.

And while we recommend them for kids, they can work equally well for adults. Be sure to ask about them when you schedule your appointment with us.

Fluoride Treatments

If you look up fluoride online, you will find a lot of bad information, unfortunately.

The truth is that fluoride can make your teeth stronger and even reverse the effects of minor damage from decay.

Tooth decay is the result of demineralization. This occurs when bacteria create acids that damage the enamel of teeth. When this happens, your teeth can’t make new enamel, so they need other minerals to replace what was lost.

Fluoride is one of the minerals that can remineralize your teeth. That’s why dentists support fluoridating water, using toothpaste with fluoride, and getting fluoride treatments during your routine care.

Joining Forces for Stronger Smiles

To keep your teeth as strong and healthy as possible, you should continue brushing, flossing, and getting professional cleanings at the nearest Beaumont Family Dentistry office.

You can do more to protect your oral health by getting fluoride treatments and sealants. Ask about those services when you call to make your appointment: