Invisalign: Get A Great Smile At Any Age!

Invisalign | Lexington, KY - Beaumont Family Dentistry

How can you straighten your teeth if you just can’t stomach the thought of metal braces?

We can’t say it enough, orthodontics have come so far in recent years that more and more people are passing up metal brackets and wires for clear, comfortable aligners.

The Invisalign method works for orthodontics patients of all ages, which is why teens and adults choose this inconspicuous system rather than traditional braces.

If you want a better idea about whether clear aligners would work for you, watch this quick video to see an illustration of the Invisalign system!

A straight smile isn’t just more attractive, but it’s easier to keep it clean and healthy, and patients of any age deserve that!

To find out for sure if it’s right for you, call Beaumont Family Dentistry today to schedule an appointment or visit us online.