How You Can Restore Your Damaged Teeth

Within a comprehensive dental practice, like Beaumont Family Dentistry, we focus on providing a wide range of services to meet our patients needs.

This includes preventive care and cosmetic services, but it also includes restorative dentistry. While there is some overlap between these different areas, restorative dentistry is focused on rebuilding or restoring your mouth to its full function.

This is why we offer everything from dental fillings to dental implant-supported dentures. Whether you need to repair a single tooth or you need to replace every tooth in your mouth, we have a way to help you.

To learn more, stop by any of our dentist offices in Lexington. We see patients from as far as Richmond and all over Central Kentucky.

The Benefits Of Restorative Dentistry

Just like home restoration is intended to repair a house, dental restoration is intended to repair your mouth. In a vast majority of cases, this means repairing or replacing all or part of your teeth.

With a house, the kind of repair you need depends on the severity of your problem. If you have a leaky toilet, you don’t need to tear up your entire bathroom. In some cases, you just need to replace a part in the water tank. In other cases, you might have to get a new commode.

If you have a leaky basement, however, that could damage the foundation of your home, you may need to reinforce it or even tear out and replace essential support structures.

This same concept applies to your mouth. Do you have a chipped tooth, or has the bone that supports your teeth started to wear down?

Both can cause problems, but the solutions can differ greatly.

Yet, the purpose is the same. We want you to be able to bite and chew just as well as you could when you had a complete set of healthy, natural teeth.

Examples Of Restorative Dental Care

We wouldn’t be very good dentists if we didn’t point out that many of oral health can be avoided with preventive care. The best thing you can do for your mouth is to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

If you should slip up on your oral care or an accident does happen, restorative dentistry can get your mouth back to feeling and functioning as well as it ever did.

Here are some of the types of dental treatments we offer, starting with the simplest ones:

◆ Tooth-colored fillings — In the U.S., 92 percent of people age 20 to 64 years old have had at least one cavity. The simplest solution is a dental filling to replace the parts of your tooth or teeth that have been damaged.

◆ Veneers — Many people may think of veneers as a cosmetic service. However, if you have a chipped or broken teeth, we can use veneers to make your teeth complete once again.

◆ Inlays and onlays — Sometimes the damage to your teeth takes more than just a filling to fix. In those cases, we may be able to use an inlay or onlay instead. However, these options are a step below our next service.

◆ Dental crowns — If your tooth decay causes severe damage, this is where dental crowns come in. A dental crown is a cap that covers the remaining healthy parts of your tooth after the decayed parts have been removed. We offer CEREC crowns, which means you can have your crowns created and placed during a single visit to our office.

◆ Dental bridges — If you have lost teeth or suffered tooth decay in multiple teeth, then a dental crown may not be enough. In those cases, we can create a dental bridge instead.

◆ Dental implants — If you have lost a tooth or teeth, we can place a dental implant to replace it or them. Dental crowns and bridges replace the visible parts of your teeth. Implants replace the roots. Depending on your need, we can place a dental crown or bridge on your implant(s).

◆ Implant-supported dentures — This is the most extensive restorative service we offer. Traditional dentures just sit on your gums, which means they don’t provide much bite force compared to a set of natural teeth. By placing your dentures on a set of strategically-placed dental implants, however, you can get back your ability to eat anything that you want to eat.

Start With Your Free Consultation

Before you start any dental restoration, we encourage you to visit our office for a free consultation. We would be happy to discuss your problem and how we might be able to help.

If you live in Richmond, Lexington, or anywhere else in Central Kentucky, then you owe it to yourself to contact Beaumont Family Dentistry about our restorative options. Make an appointment by calling or by clicking through to the office closest to you to fill out our online form.