How to Win Halloween With Your Kids & Your Dentist [Blog]

Halloween is a tricky time for parents to think about treats. Your kids’ favorite day of the year can very quickly turn into a nightmare for their teeth. There are lots of scary things that may show up in your child’s Halloween bucket, so it’s important that you know what to look for before you walk out of the front door on October 31st!

We are mostly talking about candy, but there are other things parents should be thinking about. Let’s talk about those basics first:

  1. Be sure to practice road safety. Stay close to your children when crossing streets, be aware of moving vehicles, and always look both ways.
  2. Put something bright on your child’s costume. A light-up necklace, glow sticks, or reflective tape can be the difference between being safe and being injured.
  3. Always check that candy has not been tampered with. Many hospitals will do complimentary X-rays to ensure that your child’s candy is free from harmful objects.

Having Fun & Staying Safe on Halloween

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to compromise fun and treats in order to stay safe! In fact, you and your child can have a blast. Take a look at some of our Halloween tips below, and then get ready to enjoy the holiday with your favorite littles.

Set the Candy Rules – Kids are really ok with rules, as long as they know them in advance. Set a candy limit for how much candy can be consumed on Halloween night and stick with it! This will reduce the amount of sugar consumed in one evening.

Consider Trading Candy – Be creative! Kids love candy, but they also love toys, money, and a new pair of shoes they’ve been wanting. Consider a family trade-in program where your kids can use their candy to “purchase” something else.

Give Candy Away – There are some great programs out there that will accept your unwanted candy, like Soldiers’ Angels, who will send your child’s candy to soldiers.

Be selective when keeping candy – If you choose to keep candy, select candy that is not hard and not sticky. Keep things like chocolate that can be eaten quickly and rinsed easily.

Drink plenty of water – Plan to take some water bottles during your trick-or-treat adventure. Staying hydrated (and rinsing candy from your mouth) is the best way to counteract the rush of sugar in the mouth.

Prioritize Brushing & Flossing – We know how it is when you get home later than normal. It’s tempting to throw on the pajamas and go straight to bed, but this is one night where you should prioritize flossing and brushing. Any time your child is enjoying candy or sweets, it’s extra important that it is all removed before bedtime.

Plan a fun Halloween without having to worry about a future trip to the dentist. Contact our office to schedule a routine checkup appointment for yourself or your little monsters. See our locations and phone numbers below to select the office closest to your home.