Get Your Dental Crown Faster With CEREC

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A dental crown should be made to fit your mouth. A dental crown should restore your smile and your ability to chew.

And a dental crown should be ready on your schedule.

We appreciate that our patients are busy, which is one of the reasons we offer CEREC dental crowns at all three Beaumont Family Dentistry offices in Lexington.

If you need a dental crown because an injury, tooth decay, or a root canal procedure, you should get that crown as soon as possible. With CEREC, we can create your crown and put it in place all in one visit.

Custom-Made Crowns

Any dental crown should be made to order. A dental crown needs to match the rest of your teeth. It should look natural, and it should blend in with your smile.

We have touched on the reasons that you may need a crown, but we want to explain a little more about how crowns are created.

We always start by examining your tooth to see what is wrong. Our goal is to preserve as much of your healthy tooth as possible.

If your tooth has become chipped, cracked, or broken, we want to remove the weakest parts of your tooth. If your tooth has been damaged by tooth decay, then we will remove the parts that have been affected by your infection.

In both of these cases, your tooth will be formed into an abutment. This abutment is where we will bond your dental crown in place.

If you have had a root canal procedure, the crown will be placed over the filling that seals off your tooth from further infection.

In any case, your crown will look like one of your natural teeth, and your smile will look as good as it ever did.

Chewing And Biting Ability

This may be the most important function of any dental crown.

When you have a damaged tooth, it can seriously weaken your ability to bite and chew your food. This may be because the tooth no longer has the necessary bite force. It may be because your tooth has become sensitive to hot or cold temperatures.

In any case, the pleasure that you used to get from eating could go away. Eating may become more of a chore than a moment of enjoyment in an otherwise hectic day.

When your dental crown is placed, you should be able to bite and chew anything that you could with a full set of healthy teeth.

Likewise, the pain or sensitivity you had been feeling should go away. Your dental crown should protect the inside of your tooth.

The CEREC Advantage

So far, we have talked about the things that make a dental crown worth having. Now, we want to discuss why we think CEREC crowns are better for all our patients in Central Kentucky.

With any crown, your teeth will be formed into an abutment (or covered with a filling, if you received a root canal procedure).

At this point, a lot of dentists’ offices will have to place an order for your dental crown with an outside laboratory. It could take weeks to get that crown back.

In that two weeks, you will have a temporary crown placed on your tooth. That temporary crown could come loose or crack because it isn’t bonded in place.

Plus, you will have to make a second appointment to return to the dentist office and have your permanent crown bonded to your tooth.

In our office, we can get started on your crown as soon as possible because of our CEREC milling machine. Before you leave our office, your dental crown will be ready, and it will be bonded onto your tooth.

You won’t need to wear a temporary crown. You won’t need to make another appointment when your “real” crown arrives.

CEREC With E.max

We use e.max material for dental crowns to restore the teeth that you use for biting. E.max is stronger than a typical porcelain crown.

This makes e.max more durable, yet the material is also easier on your opposing teeth, which means it won’t wear them down.

A Crown In One Day

If you need a dental crown, it’s because there is something wrong with your tooth. When you have a problem, you want it fixed as soon as possible.

So you have a choice. You can go to another dentist office, where you may have to make two appointments and wait weeks to get your dental crown.

Or you can visit one of the three Beaumont Family Dentistry offices in Lexington. We can make your crown in one day, no second appointment needed.

To contact us, follow the link for the office closest to you in Beaumont Centre Circle, Leestown, or Hamburg. You can call or make an appointment online.